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Green Ninja (author)2017-11-11

hey scolhoun I am not the creator of this, but a suggestion might be that you could go to the lego store and buy bricks of his choice that are fit for a castle. Maybe 50 dollars, I dont know depends on the pieces he wants to build the castle with.

scolhoun (author)2015-12-19

Hello, I'm looking for actual instructions for building a castle out of Lego for my 10-year-old son. He desperately wants a castle from which to stage epic battles, but I just can't afford to pay $200-$300 for the sets. Any recommendations?

ArchiGibranG (author)2015-09-20

this is the battle of helms deep castle modified nice

legogamer (author)2015-05-20

WOWWWWW and you built this with out instractions SO COOL!!!!!!!!

WAFFLES99 (author)2015-05-13

OMG sooooooooooooOOOOOOOoOoOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! (I'm a boy)

Spyrofan123 (author)2014-10-27



plumeri1 (author)2014-04-14

Omg gimme now or die at the hand of my dark night!

partypanda2345 (author)2013-09-22

Really is it a set or free design

poofrabbit (author)2013-08-10

When I was a kid I had a lego castle play set, it was not nearly as amazing at this! Nicely done! Voted for ya, good luck!

partypanda2345 (author)2013-07-23


Zachary4801 (author)2013-07-22

I know it is two Lego Helms Deeps, but other than that not much... It is really cool anyway! Great job! Where did you get two Helms Deeps?

hud2000 (author)2013-07-15

If you notice, it's actually The Lord of The Rings set "The Battle of Helms Deep"

mikeasaurus (author)2013-07-08

Yes! Please tell us more on how you made it.

Kiteman (author)2013-07-08

That's cool - was it a kit, or your own design?

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