Recently I have become very interested with a bunch of Digital DJ softwares, Specifically Virtual DJ HOME Free.
In Virtual DJ HOME Free, You are able to control the scratching and spinning of the "vinyls"  with the mouse scroller.
I decided to make a scratcher (the WIKI WIKI WIKI)  by taking apart an old mouse and building a LEGO housing box to hold it steady while I use a CD to scroll(or scratch the record in Virtual DJ)

All you need for this is
-A computer
-An old or blank CD
-A bunch of LEGOS
-Virtual DJ HOME Free edition.  

So First Download Virtual DJ HOME Free.

In VDJ the records can be scratched when you move your mouse over the active deck. Get familiar with the program a little.

And then go ahead and strip the mouse and make the box however you please. Most mice just require you to unscrew a few screws from the underside and then they split in half.

You can decide whether or not you want the little ticker in the mouse wheel. I decided to take it out just so it felt a little smoother. Depending on the mouse, the little wheel ticker should be fairly easy to remove. Then go on and begin forming a box around your mouse.

Now once your box is closer to being finished you want to keep in mind where you want the CD to be, and where/how your going to place it.

When I made the box I had to make sure the CD was a good distance from the mouse wheel and that it would lay flat on it, as well as keep steady while scratching. I didn't want the CD jiggling or moving around when i was getting my jam on.

When finished the entire thing works as a mouse so all you gotta do is plug it in, open up Virtual DJ, Start playing a song, and move your cursor over the record and then let the scratching begin.

And remember! This is made from legos so any variation to it is reccomended.. It would be cool to see different takes of the same thing.

UPDATE    For the Full Instructables Click Here



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    this is really neat especially because its made of legos, I would like to see a vid of it in action!!!

    I will try to get one up today. It's really fun to use. Also, would you or anybody else prefer this to be a full instructable????

    I would like to see a full instructable. This is something I would build :)

    Also. If you liked it please don't forget to vote for it when the USB contest starts. It would mean alot to me.

    wow, that is really cool, great innovation

    Thank you! If you can, try to vote on it when the USB contest starts up. It would really help. Thanks!!

    Ur welcome Have a look at my ibles as well!