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This is a 100% home-made LEGO Darth Vader costume, created using cardboard, papier mache, and spray paint. I bought a LEGO Darth Vader keychain from the LEGO store at the mall and used it to scale up the measurements and maintain the proportions. This costume is very easy on the wallet--I'd say about $50-75--but takes a lot of time and planning!

You can pick up leftover cardboard from Costco or BJs. You'll need to find big, flat panels for the chest piece. Creases in the middle will make things more difficult and ruin the look. You'll also have to find some kind of softer, more malleable cardboard to use for the curved part of the legs and the headpiece. This is imperative, because rigid cardboard will not work for these pieces. You'll need a good amount of black spraypaint for most of the costume. Also, one can of silver spraypaint, and some acrylic paint to do the design on the chest. The rest is good, old-fashioned elbow grease and a little creativity.

I took my body measurements and also all the dimensions of the little LEGO figure I bought, then tried to scale it up. Some things had to be modified to fit a human body, but I tried my best to keep the proportions as close as possible to the actual figure. The hands were cardboard reinforced by papier mache, and the headpiece was a cardboard frame (using that softer cardboard I mentioned) with lots of papier mache. I then used black pantyhose to cover the eyeholes and the ventilator. Add a leftover cape from a previous year's costume, and you've got yourself a LEGO Darth Vader!



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You rock! I was able to do my son's costume with you're instructions, tried to do the same detail that you had. Just bought the helmet and cape though. Used black foam board and black poster board to avoid spray paint. ? Thank you for sharing! The costume made a lot of people smile!


Why not buy a full vader helmet save time and look da same

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

As Lego Princess Leia, we are destined to be archenemies, but I will say great job...wish I had done my legs more like yours! :)

Thanks! The legs were actually very difficult to walk in, so I ended up having to modify them later. Luckily I took photos before I had to mutilate them.

Nice job! You need this to carry around with you when you wear your costume... your very own Lego Darth Mini-Me! 

Haha I totally should! Sorry for the late response. I didn't have internet for a while.

Nicely done!! Great paint job!

Thanks! Those details were tricky. I'm glad you like how it turned out!