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Introduction: LEGO Display

Every time my son gets a new LEGO set he builds it, plays with it, and then throws it in a tote with all of his other LEGO sets.  All the parts get jumbled together and the possibility of ever putting the model back together drops with each new set. 

This Christmas I decided to try and stop that cycle by creating some shelves for his room to display the completed models and while I was at it I created  a shadow box to display some of his favorite minifigs.

The shelves are just a wooden box made with 1" pine.  This is a three foot shelf so each section is 12" wide and 10" tall.

For the minifig display in the middle I used 1/4" MDF cut to the dimensions of the opening.  I then painted the MDF and used Gorilla Glue to affix LEGO bricks to the MDF.  The minifigs snap onto the bricks and he can swap them out as he wishes.



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    Hi, could you tell me the size of the yellow bricks (2x4?) and how much space between them? Thanks!

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    Sorry, haven't been on here much lately. The bricks are 2x8, but 2X4 or 2X6 bricks would do fine.

    I used an extra brick as my spacer, so there is a 2X8 brick space between each one. As far as height goes, just eyeball how much space you want between the rows.

    Do kids these days just build the predetermined model and then forget about it?

    That tote should be where your kid looks and come up with his own magic ideas. The idea of LEGO is to keep playing with it, keep using your imagination. Not to "build the packaged set and move on" - if that is how it is today im feeling very sad.

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    Oh no, he free plays with the blocks as well. Some of the kits are so intricate though that it's nice to display them as models. The shelf is also a great way to display his own LEGO creations.

    no, my little brother uses his imagination to build all kinds of things with legos

    This looks great! I wish I had a shelf to keep my LEGO creations when I was a kid.