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Introduction: LEGO Enderman ( Minecraft )

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The Enderman mostly inhabit the End but can be found almost anyplace at night.  I loved building this it was a real challenge. I'm not sure what to make next so leave suggestions in the comments.

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Step 1: The Head

Step 2: The Body

Step 3: The Legs

Step 4: The Block and Enderman

Step 5: Details



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    I think enderman can be cool oli had a pet enderman he was nice.........

    I feel that endermen could be good friends, like if a cave collapsed he can find the diamonds for you. You should try putting these amazing mobs in a new light, too.

    Ha ha :) the grass is a nice touch, as sherry said

    really really like it but why is minecraft so famous????????????????????

    1 reply

    Because you and about 10 trillion other people "really really like it"

    I'm going to be singing "Saying AAAAAAAAAAo I'm a LEGO" for awhile haha. The grass block is a very nice touch.

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    Yeah I'm working on a chicken right now compared to the creeper it's a giant
    I also want to make the Ender Dragon

    have you seen the songs about minecraft on YouTube

    Do you mean the ones by captain sparklez?

    he did:

    "Revenge","TNT" and "Fallen Kingdom"

    is he the one who made the song about the death of herobrine?

    Don't know he did make 3 of my fav music videos thought