Step 2: Domaster's Torso, Arms, & Head (including dot matrix screen)

UPDATE 12/4/2012 - Please see the notations as to where to place the missing two 1x2 plates!

The torso is pretty straight forward. As you'll read about later in the tutorial, nothing is truly set in stone: in other words, you can make your own changes and substitutions if necessary, such as making a different pattern for the screen. This particular instructional guide shows how to perfectly duplicate the quasi-Tetris sprite pattern I attempted to mimic. You're free to use any pattern or tile format you want, provided you at least try to use lime-colored pieces to imitate the original Game Boy color scheme. You can even make a completely solid lime green tiling for the screen, and then use custom stickers or decals to make screenshots (see the decal step later on in the tutorial)! Also, the decorated tiles are optional -- you can use blank ones, or any tile decoration really; I chose these ones to make the robot appear more mechanical!