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I decided to combine the two things that I love most: music and LEGO. This whole project took me about a month and a half, very on and off. I'm quite pleased with how the headphones turned out in the end, as they are sturdy enough to be tossed around in a bag. My favourite part is that I can take it apart any time to make repairs that may be needed on the go. No tools necessary!

The only major problem is that there is a lot of sound escaping from the headphones. What would be the best way to insulate the sound?

Any suggestions on how to make these better would be much appreciated!

If you plan on making yourself a pair of these, a few words of advice:

- Make them lighter and smaller so they don't add too much weight to your head while indulging yourself in tunes.

- Whatever adhesive you decide to use, go easy on it. The worst thing that can happen is glue gushing out from the cracks, which makes everything look... less nice.

- "Measure twice, cut once." Be very precise in all your measurements and such. It will make your final product much more professional looking.

- Customize them. Hey, it IS Lego after all. The possibilities are endless with the shapes and colours that can be combined together. Have fun!



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    these are pretty amazing I m making my own pair

    these are pretty amazing I m making my own version check them out

    OH GOSH-- Best headphones... EVER? I was browsing instructables to find something to make for my GF for our anniversary and this is absolutely spot on! She would LOVE THIS. Please make a tutorial. I'll try making it myself in the meantime :).

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    It's relatively straightforward to make; many things were figured out through consulting Mr. and Mrs. Trial and Error. The main thing to think about is the choice of adhesive! Try it on test bricks first to see if you get the desired result, and once you hone in on the type of adhesive and perfect glue-to-surface area ratio, then you're essentially set to go.

    ok the main thing i need to know is how to do ear pads. im sure people have used socks or something but i cant find where i saw them. any help?

    I cut out the shape of the ear pad on foam and cardboard, and glued them together. Then I snipped a pair of socks, one for each pad, (not the part that goes on your foot, but the part that covers your shin) and wrapped it around the foam, starting from the interior hole of the pad.

    Hope this helps!

    what kind of full-ear headphones are you looking at that are two dollars? regular earbuds are even hard to come by regularly less than 3$

    oh my oh my.... i thought i wouldn't find anything typing "lego headset" in google. some1 has actually make this happen!!! ITS totally cool!!! I wish so much to make a headset like this as my bf bday present. we both love lego and music so much. but times up... 3days countdown.

    an actual instructable on these would but awesome but thanks for sharing, you've taken enough pictures to show how you've done things which is a good thing, just i like to have a bit of an explanation an theory too.

    none the less, they are so cool though and i may try to build some myself, first i need some headphones to rip apart to their new life as a cooler than usual accessory.