Introduction: LEGO Jersey Shore - Pauly D and Snooki

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Let's go out tonight and fist pump one more time as Pauly D and Snooki before Jersey Shore ends and with it GTL, the Poof, and showing your Kooka. Easy to make... just takes time and patience but it's well worth the hours a fisting pumping and V.I.P. treatment these costumes will get you at any Halloween Party this year.

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard

Picture of Cut the Cardboard

Just cut the front, back and 2 side pieces

Step 2: Fit Them Together

Picture of Fit Them Together

Make sure the pieces you cut align properly

Step 3: Masking Tape Time

Picture of Masking Tape Time

Tape it all together

Step 4: Cut the Top Hole

Picture of Cut the Top Hole

Make sure your head fits thru the hole

Step 5: Close Up of Tape Job

Picture of Close Up of Tape Job

Lot's of tape, the more the better

Step 6: Time to Paint

Picture of Time to Paint

Pick LEGO yellow only and start painting 

Step 7: Body Block Ready

Picture of Body Block Ready

The main body block is complete now repeat to make more LEGO costumes

Step 8: The Head Material

Picture of The Head Material

Cut the head pieces 12" round and 14" high

Step 9: Snooki's Poof

Picture of Snooki's Poof

Cut the shape of the hair piece and make sure it fits on the head

Step 10: Pauly D's Blowout

Picture of Pauly D's Blowout

The blowout is easy to complete in LEGO form

Step 11: Glue and Paint

Picture of Glue and Paint

Cut all the pieces and glue the together and paint 

Step 12: The Poof Is Complete

Picture of The Poof Is Complete

Hair piece is finished

Step 13: Body and Head

Picture of Body and Head

Completed body and head ready for detail work

Step 14: The LEGO Claws

Picture of The LEGO Claws

Close up of LEGO claws...

Step 15: Snooki Face Detail

Picture of Snooki Face Detail

Just load up the make up shotgun and blast away

Step 16: Pauly D Face Detail

Picture of Pauly D Face Detail

Use your imagination 

Step 17: Snooki's Dress

Picture of Snooki's Dress

Just add material

Step 18: Pauly D Muscles

Picture of Pauly D Muscles

GTL is almost complete

Step 19: Add Tattoos

Picture of Add Tattoos

Draw on the tattoo's 

Step 20: Snooki Complete

Picture of Snooki Complete

Who wants to see my Kooka?

Step 21: Pauly D Complete

Picture of Pauly D Complete

I'm gonna fist pump till my claws fall off!

Step 22: Pauly D GTL

Picture of Pauly D GTL

Guido... Tattoo... and LEGO

Step 23: Let's Go Party

Picture of Let's Go Party

Cabs here! Time to party!


jackson34 (author)2013-10-15

Where do you get the muscles

beme2013 (author)2013-08-22

That's hilarious! XD

milkywaybar (author)2012-10-28

Now i HOPE the world is destroyed in 2012.

luch (author)2012-10-28

Well done!

monsterlego (author)2012-10-25

Oh God, why....

ilpug (author)2012-10-25

Well, that is unique. Good build, although I simply cannot tolerate the show.

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