LEGO Launcher





Introduction: LEGO Launcher

This is My first Instructible. So I gave it my best shot! Hope you like it

Step 1: Parts

Gather these materials to make the "LEGO Launcher".
Read the notes if you are confused.

Step 2: Body Assembly

Follow the pictures to the word and there won't be any confusion! :D

Step 3: Wheel Assembly

Make sure when putting the connector through the wheel the make sure the cross in the middle lines-up. :D 

Step 4: Handle and Ammunition Assembly

For the ammunition don't push the spacer to far down the shaft.

Step 5: Elastics and Final Assembly

When connecting the wheels to the body connect them on the 3rd hole from the end.
When attaching the handle put the blocks in the larger holes. (see Picture 6 for clarification)   
When attaching rubber bands put the band on the wheel on top.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Have Fun! :D





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    1 year ago

    missing 1 part

    Omg it's so cool

    how long did this take? ?

    hi that was derp!!!!


    It's a nice shooter :)
    If you add a firing mechanism and a trigger, it will act like a crossbow.

    1 reply

    Great first Instructable! Congrats on being featured, too :)

    I hope to see more cool designs. In the future, you may want to consider embedding a video on the first page - it helps grab people's attention.