I make a monthly pilgrimage to my local LEGO Store. On my recent trip I visited the mall's bookstore afterwards.  There I was looking through a book on Steam Punk design and saw a light switch mod that I really liked.  This got me thinking of other cool switch mods and with LEGO fresh in my mind a design quickly took hold.

In this Instructabe you and I will walk through the steps for you to build your own LEGO Light Switch.  If you're into that sort of thing. 

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Let us start by gathering together the following:
  • One (x1) Decora style light switch
  • Two (x2) LEGO 4x4  plates
  • Two part epoxy glue. I used LePage 5 minute epoxy, but any two part epoxy should work just fine.
  • Something to mix and apply the epoxy (toothpicks, matchsticks, what-ever-works)
  • Some newspaper or other disposable work surface.
<p>Awesome idea. I just found a random site which had 4x4 lego pieces and bought about 60 pieces since I don't know what colors I'll like until I get them. Can't wait to get them and start modding. Thanks for the idea. </p>
Hi! Which website did you use to buy your bricks?
dud it is sooooo!!! awesome.
actually that's kinda awesome
Yeah... only think cool!!!
awesome I must try
This is so being added to the man cave. Thanks for the idea!
What a neat application for LEGO, I like it!

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