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I make a monthly pilgrimage to my local LEGO Store. On my recent trip I visited the mall's bookstore afterwards.  There I was looking through a book on Steam Punk design and saw a light switch mod that I really liked.  This got me thinking of other cool switch mods and with LEGO fresh in my mind a design quickly took hold.

In this Instructabe you and I will walk through the steps for you to build your own LEGO Light Switch.  If you're into that sort of thing. 
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Step 1: Gathering materials

Picture of Gathering materials
Let us start by gathering together the following:
  • One (x1) Decora style light switch
  • Two (x2) LEGO 4x4  plates
  • Two part epoxy glue. I used LePage 5 minute epoxy, but any two part epoxy should work just fine.
  • Something to mix and apply the epoxy (toothpicks, matchsticks, what-ever-works)
  • Some newspaper or other disposable work surface.

Step 2: Apply the epoxy

Picture of Apply the epoxy
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Next, identify the top of the switch.  This is often stamped on the metal as TOP.  See photo.

Now, apply the epoxy resin and hardener (the two parts of epoxy.). This is usually done in a fifty-fifty mixture, but read your epoxy's directions. For application I applied and mixed the epoxy directly on the light switch. This eliminates waste from mixing and then applying, but you need be careful not to apply too much.  With too much the epoxy may seep out the sides and fuse the light switch. A single stage switch is a switch with no purpose in life. How sad.
Beckola1 month ago

Awesome idea. I just found a random site which had 4x4 lego pieces and bought about 60 pieces since I don't know what colors I'll like until I get them. Can't wait to get them and start modding. Thanks for the idea.

jlee221 Beckola1 month ago
Hi! Which website did you use to buy your bricks?
dbenn1232 years ago
dud it is sooooo!!! awesome.
actually that's kinda awesome
iOskr2 years ago
Yeah... only think cool!!!
sk8erfreeks3 years ago
awesome I must try
This is so being added to the man cave. Thanks for the idea!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
What a neat application for LEGO, I like it!