Picture of LEGO MAN
I have had many requests on how to make this costume. So, I'm going to attempt to walk you through the process. I'm sure you might be able to find easier ways to create it, but this is how I did this one. I hope this helps you! Sorry for not documenting this project with more photos. Should have enough for you to have a good understanding. If you have questions, please post them and I'll try my best to answer. Thanks!

This costume took me around 40-50 hours and roughly $100 to make.

What you will need:

-2 Yellow & 4 White Poster boards
-Acrylic Paint (Blue, Light Blue, Black, Yellow, and White)
-Masking Tape
-1 Blue Long Sleeve Shirt
-Lots of Gorilla Glue (2 - 18oz bottles)
-Paint Brushes
-Small Hand Saw
-Sand Paper
-1 Painters stick

Step 1: Design / Scale

Picture of Design / Scale
The First step I took was to try and scale an actual Lego. Here are some pics showing a poor but effective way to scale the costume. As you can see, both pics don't match in height... but again this gives you a good enough idea of scale. 

On the first pic, you can see two rows of numbers. The first row, is pixels in the photo. Each pixel equals 1.5 inches. In the second photo, each pixel equals 1.2

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sandiwall3 years ago
Absolutely the BEST lego costume on the web! My 8 year old son is in AWE. Too late for this year, but definitely next year!!! Also, what about using a pool noodle for the bendy part of the legs?
martzsam3 years ago
I grew up playing with legos (who didn't??), and I am 99% sure that my head just exploded from the sheer excellence of this project. Good job sir, you are now the proud owner of 10 internets.
Coolest costume ever!
Geekaton2 years ago
people!!! need help! so, two questions, i've got one day to buy, and build this costume. Firstly, whats a good replacement for styrofoam for the curves, because i can't seem to get hold of any in the UK. Also, is it possible to build in a day? I'll paint it the next day??
Please answer quick!
Styro foam from B&Q its a building material
plz reply
this is one of the best indestructibles on lego man i have seen! looks good and is explained pretty good..thank you!
This has got to be the best looking Lego minifigure costume I have ever seen very good job sir!
lgilbert33 years ago
The best instructions ever!!
sbeam hayes3 years ago
Okay, well sorry about the triple vision! First I could not get it to post, now it is way overboard.
sbeam hayes3 years ago
Here is the Lego batman costume that you ask that I post if I went ahead and made it. I had to chop off the bottom of the legs even though I hinged them because he could not walk up steps very easy. I was wondering if the thin foam I covered the thin cardboard mask in came in really large sheets or rolls? That would have made making the legs a lot easier. I was going to put his hands through the lego hands, but that would have had it too difficult to grap the candy bag so I glued and guerilla-taped them to the top of black gloves instead. Thanks for the styrofoam idea though for the hands. It does sound horrible being cut and does make a mess for sure ☺.
what could you use instead of a screen to see through it
Speaker fabric would probably work.
OK thanks
maybe panty hose would work too?
csswimdude3 years ago
mine is nowhere near as pretty took about 10 hours and 30 bucks so far (im still painting) and if i could find my cable i would upload pics great ible i love it
komoto133 years ago
I ended up using your instructable as a rough idea to make mine, ended up using the foam core for the top and bottom of the head and neck. One Suggestion i have is to leave the top part open like an older lego and cut out a small hole to put in a computer fan like I did. Thanks for the instructable, won first place at a costume contest from the one I made in 3 days.
daralith3 years ago
What are the dimensions for the circle pieces that make up the head?
TJtheGreyt3 years ago
This is stinkin' amazing!!! My 10 year old daughter will love this! I may even have to make one for our company Halloween costume parade. Thanks for the tutorial.
sbeam hayes3 years ago
Thank you so much! Was not expecting to see this. My son told me several days ago that he wanted to be Lego Batman and I have been raking my brain for ideas. Last year he was Edward Scissorhands and I thought that costume was a pain in the a##-took many hours and also trial and error. This will be even more challenging I think.
GB_Costumes (author)  sbeam hayes3 years ago
If you make it, please post some pics!
pimpdoubt3 years ago
This is so much more legit than the legoman costume I made last year us it very hot? The one I made was only the helmet and hands but I was burning up when I foolishly wore it to the club :P
GB_Costumes (author)  pimpdoubt3 years ago
thanks! Yeah, this got very hot... Had to take off the head often.
TekoMuto3 years ago
How big should the sizes have been for the styrofoam
csswimdude3 years ago
what about putting a helmet on the inside of the head so that it could swivel and turn?
SHIFT!3 years ago
Woah, awesome costume! This'll be sure to drop a ton of bricks!
Kiteman3 years ago
juicymoose3 years ago
Epic! I love it.
jbeach13 years ago
Can you include where you bought your Styrofoam?
GB_Costumes (author)  jbeach13 years ago
Yeah, I just went to Menards. I think each pack was around $10.
Thanks for your reply, but I don't have one of those in Tuscaloosa, AL. You think Micheal's or Lowes or Home Depot would be worth looking into for that kind of a thing? Also(hopefully not being a pest, but..), if they don't have the exact size you got, what should I aim for?
styckx jbeach13 years ago
Menards is very similar to Home Depot or Lowes. I would try there.
jbeach1 styckx3 years ago
Thank you!
Just a few color changes and you can have your favorite Lego Harry Potter/ Indiana Jones/ you get it right? character you want. Thanks for the DIY, Legos remind me of all the childish fun I still have.
SocialD3 years ago
Best costume EVER!
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