This is another project my brother and I worked on for his LEGO stop action movie P.A.I.R.D. It's based off some google images of the common beige military humvees you see in the middle east a lot. 

This version has four doors that can open, a gunner turret, and it is capable of fitting five mini-figures inside, including the driver and the gunner. Enjoy!

I also attached a photo of everything we've made so far for the eighth part of P.A.I.R.D, you'll recognize the Abrams Tank and the Mech

Soon we are ordering more LEGO to make more Humvees. When that happens, I'll definitely make a How-To Post, but right now my brother is using it to film so I can't take it apart. 
<p>too bad there's no instructions</p>
<p>I wish u had instructions on this. I'm gonna do a Lego film too!</p>
<p>did you make it your self?</p>
<p>It's awesome</p>
<p>I made the abrams tank but i had to improvise a little on the turret</p>
<p>thumbs up man this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
You should make a instructable of that other tank in the last photo! Nice build to!
I like it you should enter a contest
We need instructions
I when i first saw this instructable, i watched the entire series of PARID. it was awesome. where did u get the lego guns? i dont think lego makes p90s and that stuff.
Wow! Glad you liked it! My brother was very grateful too, he appreciates the views :) <br>The lego guns are from this place called Brick Arms, they've got a huge online catalog of some awesome weapons for pretty cheap.
Make a how to for the mech
We're did you order the parts from ? This is beast!
Thanks Sam for the comment on my Humvee, I got the idea to make one from you! Also I think your car would be more awesome with my Humvee (my opinion). Lastly saw your vid P.A.I.R.D, pretty legit.
It would be helpful to put an instructable. This not Instagram remember.
My brother really doesn't want me to take it apart (which I would need to do in oder to make the post) because he is using it for filming right now. However, soon we are ordering pieces to make more, so I'll make a post when that happens.
Cool really nice
Very detailed... But where is the instructable?
will you make an insturctable for this
All those vehicles are very detailed, awesome.
Sweet Humvee, could u make some instructions please? I happen to be a lego enthusiast and would love to make one of these!

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