LEGO Mindstorms Claw Machine





Introduction: LEGO Mindstorms Claw Machine

This is a claw machine made entirely from a Mindstorms 2.0 kit. It is controlled by two touch sensors and utilizes the timer function, so to operate you hold down the buttons to move left or right, and tap both at the same time to "grab".  this was really fun to build and rather simple, so go ahead and mess around with it! If you have any questions please leave a comment.



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    5 Comments kids crazy about making it, any instruction or code?

    Thank you! And unfortunately as I said this project is old and broken now, but the programming is very similar to this project:
    On this website you simply download the code straight to your nxt program. The programing is so similar it would need very little tweaking(if any to start with) to get it going. Hope this helps!

    cool will you post instructions and a video?

    Im sorry i cannot , this was a old project i just got around to posting and have since dismantled it, the beauty of legos right!