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The default minecraft skin (Steve)

Head-8 studs wide, 8 studs thick, and 7 studs tall
Arms and Legs-4 studs wide, 4 studs thick, and 12 studs tall
Body-8 studs wide, 4 studs thick, and 11 studs tall

For the neck a little spinner plate.


thanos382004 (author)2016-08-24

Go to the forum minecraft.

Slender fact (author)2016-08-04

cool man

yosr rambo (author)2014-01-24

You king craft

Raul53 (author)2013-11-08

You play with Legos?


Transforminglegodude (author)2013-09-23

I just saw it again at the Hodown! Do you have anything to do with this madness? Do we live in the same town?!

Crafthead3020 (author)2013-08-18


Transforminglegodude (author)2013-06-26

I thought I saw this at a street fair recently...

I think you should upload a step by step on how to make this. I guess I will just make it from the image.

JonnyBGood (author)2013-04-23

Oh... My.....

Very Awesome! My only criticism would be Steve's shirt is untucked in the back a little in game, but other than that I'm still amazed at how that turned out. I wish I had some skin colored legos to make this.

BrickSmith (author)JonnyBGood2013-04-23

I ran out of light blue legos

JonnyBGood (author)BrickSmith2013-04-23

Oh well, it's still awesome.

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