There are several IBLES describing the process of using all sorts of materials to house USB flash drives.  One of my favorites is the classic Hampton LEGO brick that I'm sure many of you are familiar with.  Taking that as inspiration I created these, 8GB LEGO Flash drives featuring the boy that lived and his trusty sidekicks, Hermione and Ron!

Hi, I'm trying to make one of these for my friend's birthday but I've noticed some differences between the keychains and the regular figures. With the example you posted the person cut the figures and hollowed out their skirts, but on keychains the legs are glued into the torso and I can't find a way of getting them out without damaging other parts. If you could tell me how you solved this problem, I think I've got the rest of it covered. Thank you!
use a box cutter razor to cut off the legs. The stumps will be inside but can be easily removed without making stress marks by carefully cutting into the inside between the stumps and the outside wall of the body. Then pull them out by grabbing onto them with needle nose pliers and rocking them back and forth and then pulling them out. Use hot glue to insert the flash drive.
Thanks! I appreciate your quick answer and I think I'll try the technique tonight. I had found a site saying the glue they used was water soluble at a certain temperature, but it didnt seem to loosen the legs at all and even made 1 arm fall out! I've got a new Harry keychain though so lets hope for the best.
May I ask how you made the cap?
The cap came with the flash drive; however you might want to try diy sugru (oogoo), or homemade plastic.
Maybe some pictures of the process would help, after all, this is Instructables.
seconded, too many instructibles these days without the instruct part.
Hey DarkStar, I entered this into the &quot;I made it photo contest&quot; and was under the impression that the point was to show off something you had made; a finished product. There are a bunch of ibles that describe the process, check this one out <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-Lego-figure-USB-drive/">here</a>.&nbsp; If that doesn't help let me know; I'll do up a step by step for you.
Ummm... creepy legless lego minifigs are staring to creep me out... :)
Ha Ha, you know you like it!

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