all you need is these LEGOs

Step 1: Making It

~*~just take the two V shapes and put them together

~*~Then put the smooth LEGOs on top to keep them together, but push down hard(for when you throw it, also do this with each step below)

Step 2: Step 2

~*~Next put the black wings in the place like in the picture(s(doesnt matter which you do))

~*~After, flip the creation so far over and put the 3 other flat LEGOs, like in the picture.

~*~Last step is putting the weird W lego things on the sides, the square sides

Step 3: Playing

Dont aim at anyone, i practice on boxes and what not, and they go very far if you throw them outside, but i warn you the sides may get scratched if you throw it on cement. BUT HAVE FUN!
very bad pics.kinda cool
and this isn't a ninja star, it has to look like a star DUH
i can't even build the fricken thing, SO BLURRY, take better pictures or GET A BETTER CAMERA!!!
little bitte cool
looks like a bat throwing thing from bat man<br>
this is stupid<br />
i totally agree with awsome and jam1478
haha you can't admit that you have ever logged on to runescape!HAHA HAHA HAHA!:0
that is just wasting time making that
Jeez man, Runescape is a waste of time. How do you feel now?
I feel fine and still play runescape and anyway have you even tried to play.and anyway if thats what you do all day you must be very lonly dude.
What do I do all day? I'm so very "lonly"...
It's cool man, it's not a star though :( I thought you were just going to stick the V-shaped boards together and add triangles for spikes. I'm trying this in the morning :)
It's not exactly a star but im sure it would hurt if you threw it at someones head. Lol
wha-what is this? Wheres the throwing star?
how is this a throwing star ? It looks like a launcher or something
i dont get it.

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