all you need is these LEGOs

Step 1: Making It

~*~just take the two V shapes and put them together

~*~Then put the smooth LEGOs on top to keep them together, but push down hard(for when you throw it, also do this with each step below)
very bad pics.kinda cool
and this isn't a ninja star, it has to look like a star DUH
i can't even build the fricken thing, SO BLURRY, take better pictures or GET A BETTER CAMERA!!!
little bitte cool
looks like a bat throwing thing from bat man<br>
this is stupid<br />
i totally agree with awsome and jam1478
haha you can't admit that you have ever logged on to runescape!HAHA HAHA HAHA!:0
that is just wasting time making that
Jeez man, Runescape is a waste of time. How do you feel now?
I feel fine and still play runescape and anyway have you even tried to play.and anyway if thats what you do all day you must be very lonly dude.
What do I do all day? I'm so very "lonly"...
It's cool man, it's not a star though :( I thought you were just going to stick the V-shaped boards together and add triangles for spikes. I'm trying this in the morning :)
It's not exactly a star but im sure it would hurt if you threw it at someones head. Lol
wha-what is this? Wheres the throwing star?
how is this a throwing star ? It looks like a launcher or something
i dont get it.

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