Introduction: LEGO P90

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Want to make your own P90/SP90 for your Bionicle MOC? Pay close attention, this is fun.

Step 1: P90 Part 1

Step 2: P90 Part 2

Step 3: P90 Part 3

Step 4: P90 Part 4

Step 5: P90 Part 5

Step 6: P90 Part 6

Step 7: P90 Part 7

cut off one of the side studs as shown

Step 8: P90 Part 8

Step 9: P90 Part 9

Step 10: P90 Part 10

Step 11: P90 Part 11

Step 12: P90 Part 12

Step 13: P90 Part 13

Step 14: P90 Part 14

Step 15: P90 Part 15

Step 16: P90 Part 16

Put a flat 1x1 piece next to the joint on the 2x2 with joint on end. Then cut off a flat 1x1 side of a flat 1x2 with a joint on top as shown.

Step 17: P90 Part 16

Step 18: P90 Part 18

Step 19: P90 Part 19

Step 20: Congratulations!!!

You now have your very own P90! Equip it with any bionicle moc!



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    What in the world does MOC stand for. figuring it keeps me up late at night 

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    No, no, no its "monkeys orbiting cake" duh.

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    Duh silly me, i thought it said, "Aug 25 2011" :P

    im still pretty sure that its Mother Of Custard

    lol, or "many other cucumbers"

    You cut a brick, you evil person you. Still it does look good.

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    I am so evil! WHY AM I STILL ALIVE!!!
    Dude, I have not been on instructables in forever! Thanks for the comment

    Cool, could you picture this with a Bionicle?
    cutting bricks is a crime of sorts - suspended sentence