Step 14: P90 Part 14

What in the world does MOC stand for. figuring it keeps me up late at night 
MOC (My Own Creation) :-)
No, no, no its "monkeys orbiting cake" duh.
Rule. Don't reply to a comment thats over a year old.<br>
Duh silly me, i thought it said, &quot;Aug 25 2011&quot; :P
im still pretty sure that its Mother Of Custard
lol, or &quot;many other cucumbers&quot;
You cut a brick, you evil person you. Still it does look good.
I am so evil! WHY AM I STILL ALIVE!!! <br>Dude, I have not been on instructables in forever! Thanks for the comment
Cool, could you picture this with a Bionicle?<br/><sub>cutting bricks is a crime of sorts - suspended sentence</sub><br/><br/>L<br/>

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