Picture of LEGO :: PORTAL
In this instruction I'll show you how to build some characters out of Portal 2. I tried to use NOT modified parts, so you could build the models without destroing your parts.

I think the pictures should be self-explaining.
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Step 1: LEGO :: PORTAL P-Body

There he is: P-Body.

I think you will understand the pictures without Text.

Step 2: LEGO :: PORTAL Atlas

This guy is Atlas, the second co-op bot.
I hope you'll enjoy my MOC.


Everyone wants one! This nice little model gives you demontable guns and it's really simple to build. Just enjoy!

Step 4: LEGO :: PORTAL Chell

This is Chell, the main character of Portal and Portal 2. I know, that there are many Chell MOCs, but i thougt that one more could not be so bad.

Step 5: LEGO :: PORTAL Wheatley

Yes, I know wheatley is not the most important character in Portal, but it had soooooo much time left, that i decited to create him. And there he is!

Step 6: LEGO :: PORTAL

Picture of LEGO :: PORTAL
That's it I hope you enjoyed it!
OlliePlayzM9 months ago

heres what i have so far

Photo on 10-5-14 at 2.16 PM.jpg

I like it a lot! its sooooooo cool

WAFFLES992 months ago


OlliePlayzM9 months ago

ok thanks

OlliePlayzM9 months ago

Hey man, is it ok if I use your atlas design for a lego Ideas set im making?

Lego MOCs (author)  OlliePlayzM9 months ago
Yeah, no problem, just use it maybe also improve!
gammerguy10 months ago

Nice dude

I really like the robots!-They are awesome!

DekuHero1 year ago

These are awesome!

lego_jedi1 year ago

Awesome! portal + lego = awesomeness

These are pretty awesome
nate4081 year ago

pretty cool!

DaveDude121 year ago
Those are cool!
kendyloo451 year ago
This is cool I am going to make them for my cousin