Pacific Rim Minimodel. That's all to say.

Step 1: LEGO :: Pacific Rim: Gipsy Danger

Now you've got the Jaeger itself. Let's continue with the weapons.

Step 2: LEGO :: Pacific Rim: Gipsy Danger

The weapons are just optional, but nice addition. More models coming soon!

Step 3: LEGO :: Pacific Rim: Gipsy Danger

Ready to take down Knifehead
<p>probably one of the best things I have seen.</p>
<p>Lol so cool</p>
So how does the sword come into play
<p>Just saying, I loved that movie.</p>
Much better(and bigger)than mine!
Well, but you inspired me to build mine.
<p>But you 1-uped mine many times while staying movie accurate.</p>
<p>No problem</p>
<p>*upped (i think- is that even a word?)</p>
<p>I don't think so.</p>
<p>That's cute!</p>
<p>realy cool!</p>

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