LEGO Paper Destroyer

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Introduction: LEGO Paper Destroyer

This thing is awesome

Step 1: What You Need (see Picture)

Step 2: Stick the 3M Cross Axle to the Motor

Step 3: Stick the 22 Teeth Gear (big One) on the Cross Axle

Step 4: (see Pic)

Step 5: (see Pic)

Step 6: Stick the 2 Small Gears on the 7M Cross Axle

Step 7: (see Pic)

Step 8: Stick the Beam on First (see Pic)

Step 9: You Are Finished Without the Stand (there's More)

Step 10: Stick This to the Motor (see Pic)

Step 11: (see Pic)

Step 12: (see Pic and Bare With Me)

Step 13: (see Pic)

Step 14: Apply the Beam to the Base of the Motor

Step 15: Put the Bricks on the Beam

Step 16: It's Comletely Finished!!

Step 17: Enjoy!



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