LEGO Parts Container





Introduction: LEGO Parts Container

I have a lot of small LEGO pieces and I'm always looking for a way to organize and store them. I really like the idea of using LEGO parts to store my other LEGO parts but being able to see what's inside is usually a challenge since I don't have a lot of transparent parts. I thought that adding a minifig to the lid could provide triple action: they could hold the part contained inside, they could act as a handle, and they could provide cuteness. 

Step 1: Parts

The beauty of building with LEGO bricks is that parts can be substituted based on the parts in your collection. When I build I usually can't find the exact pieces I need in the colors I want so I make do. I'm including this step to show my ideal part list and to show how to make these using the least number of unique pieces. 

4x4 plate (one)
1x2 tile (ten)
2x2 tile (four)
1x2 brick (ten per layer)
2x6 plate (six)
minifig holding item to be contained in the box (one)

Step 2:

Arrange 3 of the 2x6 plates into a square. Join the 2x6s with four 2x2 tiles, centered. Use the 1x2s around the perimeter, 10 per level for the desired number of levels. Finally cover the top row with the ten 1x2 tiles. 

Lining the bottom with tiles will help keep the small parts from sticking or getting stuck inside. 

Step 3:

Arrange the remaining three 2x6 plates into a square, stud side down, then use the 4x4 plate to connect them. Flip it over and add the minifig holding one of the parts that goes inside. 

The 4x4 plate helps keep the lid in place and holds pretty strong, I can turn the container upside down and nothing spills. 



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10:21 or 12:01?

I may need to go BUY some LEGOS just to make these! I could always say I'm getting them for my Grandson to play with when he's older.

Really nice, I agree with mikeasaurus the not having to pry the lids of is I clever idea.

Ha nice! It reminds me of the Egyptian organ jars! =)

Ewww haha :) Yeah, I guess it is pretty much the same concept. Now I kinda want to make some more jar shaped like that.