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Introduction: LEGO Phone Car Mount

[At first place, sorry for the poor english or any error in text.]

I have seen many other projects where people uses Lego to make a Phone Mount, but i think that i could make it on my way.

I have a old phone that i don't use anymore, and i decide to use it only for GPS navigation in my car.

People always ask to me: "Oh! Why you don't use a cheap phone mount?"

And always this is the answer: "For two reasons: I don't like that kind of phone mount and THIS IS DIY!”

Before i start the project i think in some characteristics that must have:
- Removable
- Cheap*
- Steady

That's the reason that i choose LEGO to make it.

*LEGO is very expensive in Brazil, but i have a big box full of it since i was a kid. So, i don't spend a coin to make this project.

Step 1: Materials

The materials that i used:
- Scissors
- Double Sided Foam Adhesive Tape
- Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (a.k.a. Instant Super Glue)
- LEGO Pieces

Step 2: The Mount

This step varies according to each person. I chose to do it that way.

The number of pieces depends on the size of phone/GPS that will be fixed.

The phone that I used (Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810) has the following dimensions: 4:46 x 2:43 in

Therefore, the height of the support was 2 in.

Step 3: Placing the LEGO Piece in the Phone

Use the Cyanoacrylate Adhesive to glue 2 pieces (4x2) of LEGO directly in the back of the phone.

As this phone is inexpensive, old and will only be used as GPS, I do not bother in to spoil the back cover.

But if you use the phone daily (or your phone is brand new and expensive), you can glue the lego pieces in a case.

Step 4: The Base of the Mount

Use the Double-Sided Tape to place the LEGO piece into car dash.

You can place it anywhere you want.

Step 5: Finish

The phone fixed in the mount, with charger cable.

I use the Here Maps, that offer the option to download the maps and then, offline navigation.



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Cool mounting system. With the lego base you can mount all sorts of things.

Yeah! Now i'm thinking in make another one to put a camera and take photos of my trips.