Introduction: LEGO Pop-Up Note Dispenser!

Picture of LEGO Pop-Up Note Dispenser!

Step 1: Start the Base

Picture of Start the Base

I chose to start the base on the plate

Step 2: Overlap the First Layer

Picture of Overlap the First Layer

To secure the first layer, go over the "cracks" between the lego pieces. Compare picture one with picture two if you need help.

Step 3: Underground Layer

Picture of Underground Layer

Take the border piece off the base plate and use thin long lego pieces to make the "Under ground" layer.

Step 4: The Stand and Layer 1

Picture of The Stand and Layer 1

This step we will make a stand and finish layer 1.

Step 5: Add the Notes and Secure Them

Picture of Add the Notes and Secure Them

Read the title and follow the pictures.
Enjoy your Lego pop-up note dispenser!


tomatoskins (author)2015-04-03

I love making this out of legos. I love it even more when what you make can be used in everyday life!

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