LEGO Popsicles are all time Kids favorite treat. I made the popsicle mold using Lego bricks and Aluminium foil sheet. It worked really great. The ingredients i used for the popsicles are strawberry, banana, guava and chocolate. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the cute shapes as well as the taste. Yum yum...

Step 1: What You Need for Making LEGO MOLD

LEGO Bricks


Q tips

Aluminium foil sheets


Duct tape

<p>Great! If summer will ever come, maybe I'll make them.</p>
<p>These turned out so nice. Stopped by to congratulate you! Nice win. Hope your day shines.</p><p>sunshiine </p>
Great idea thank you
<p>Great idea! Next step for me: using Illustrator and Photoshop to get a 3D model printed for (re)using! </p>
<p>So cool! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Love this Instructable, it has many possibilities to make it personalized!</p>
<p>Great idea and very well explained.<br>However, I don't like how wasteful it is though... every popsicle would create aluminium foil and duct tape waste.<br>It would be great to be able to make something reusable.<br>I suppose use 3D printing to create the mould... but I don't have one of them!<br>For a one off, it's OK. But for any more...emm I'll have to have a think!</p>
<p>Thats really good idea. But i don have knowledge abt 3D printing and all. Ll learn it.</p><p>Thanks you :)</p>
<p>quick and dirty mould making! love it!</p>
<p>:P Thank you</p>
<p>my goodness, how fun!!</p>
<p>Yes, It was so much fun to make these molds. I enjoyed it lot :)</p>
<p>Those look so yummy I need to make some!</p>
<p>Pls try it and share ur lego popsicles pic here :) Thank you</p>
Looks very dilicious!
<p>Yes It was so yumm :)</p>
Oh yes this will be just right
I am going to make these, thank you!
<p>pls post ur lego popsicle pic here :)</p>
<p>ya ok try it....</p>
<p>Wow thumps up for the idea itself :)</p>
<p>Thank you Sannuwar :)</p>
I really like this idea :D
<p>thank u:-)</p>
<p>thank u:-)</p>
I really like these
<p>thank u:-)</p>
<p>I love the mould-making technique!</p>
<p>thank you so much:-)</p>
So cool!
<p>thank you:-)</p>
<p>I love the way you made the moulds! </p>
<p>thank u:-)</p>

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