LEGO Popsicles with Homemade Mold

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LEGO Popsicles are all time Kids favorite treat. I made the popsicle mold using Lego bricks and Aluminium foil sheet. It worked really great. The ingredients i used for the popsicles are strawberry, banana, guava and chocolate. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the cute shapes as well as the taste. Yum yum...

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Step 1: What you need for making LEGO MOLD

Picture of What you need for making LEGO MOLD

LEGO Bricks


Q tips

Aluminium foil sheets


Duct tape

Step 2: Making of LEGO mold

Picture of Making of LEGO mold

1. Take rectangle shape Aluminum foil sheet and fold it into square.

2. Place the lego brick on the centre ( top surface facing on the sheet) and fold the edges of the sheet to the top of the brick.

3. Now flip the foil wraped brick and use Q-tips to get the impression of the brick.

4. Seal the foiled brick with Duct tape to avoid leaking.

5. Trim the excess foil sheet and Duct tape using scissor.

6. Pull the Lego brick out gently. Mold is Ready now!

( I made 6 Molds for 6 Different Popsicles)

Step 3: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

Fresh strawberry


Guava juice

Sweetened Condense milk

Semi sweet chocolate bar

Step 4: Making of Popsicles

Picture of Making of Popsicles

1. Take the chocolate bar in microwave safe bowl and microwave it for 1 minute. Set aside

2. Take 6 strawberries in blender and puree it and set aside.

Start pouring into the mold

1st Mold : Fill it with fresh strawberry puree.

2nd Mold : Fill it will Guava juice

3rd Mold : Combine 4 pieces of Banana and a tablespoon of melted chocolate. Then pour it into the mold.

4th Mold : Combine Strawberry puree and a tbsp of melted chocolate. Fill it in the mold.

5th Mold : Combine Strawberry puree and Condense milk. Fill it in the mold.

6th Mold : Combine a tbsp Melted chocolate and condense milk. pour it in the mold

All popsicles are ready to freeze now!

Step 5: Freeze it

Picture of Freeze it

1. Freeze all the popsicles for an hour. Once it become little hard, insert skwer in the centre of the mold.

2. Freeze it all overnight.

How to Unmold:

1. Remove the duct take using scissor and then tear the aluminium foil ( It is very simple and easy)

Step 6: LEGO Popsicles!

Picture of LEGO Popsicles!
MicioGatta10 months ago

Great! If summer will ever come, maybe I'll make them.

sunshiine10 months ago

These turned out so nice. Stopped by to congratulate you! Nice win. Hope your day shines.


msw200110 months ago
Great idea thank you
macmickey10 months ago

Great idea! Next step for me: using Illustrator and Photoshop to get a 3D model printed for (re)using!

Snowball1011 months ago

So cool! Thanks for sharing!

jonniegunz6811 months ago

Love this Instructable, it has many possibilities to make it personalized!

jcassidy511 months ago

Great idea and very well explained.
However, I don't like how wasteful it is though... every popsicle would create aluminium foil and duct tape waste.
It would be great to be able to make something reusable.
I suppose use 3D printing to create the mould... but I don't have one of them!
For a one off, it's OK. But for any more...emm I'll have to have a think!

Khaweya (author)  jcassidy511 months ago

Thats really good idea. But i don have knowledge abt 3D printing and all. Ll learn it.

Thanks you :)

zenilorac11 months ago

quick and dirty mould making! love it!

Khaweya (author)  zenilorac11 months ago

:P Thank you

patsheldon11 months ago

my goodness, how fun!!

Khaweya (author)  patsheldon11 months ago

Yes, It was so much fun to make these molds. I enjoyed it lot :)

slokaz11 months ago

Those look so yummy I need to make some!

Khaweya (author)  slokaz11 months ago

Pls try it and share ur lego popsicles pic here :) Thank you

Looks very dilicious!
Khaweya (author)  叫我总攻大人!11 months ago

Yes It was so yumm :)

Oh yes this will be just right
Khaweya (author)  ExactlyLastWeek11 months ago


anapet0111 months ago
I am going to make these, thank you!
Khaweya (author)  anapet0111 months ago

pls post ur lego popsicle pic here :)

Khaweya (author)  anapet0111 months ago

ya ok try it....

SannuWar11 months ago

Wow thumps up for the idea itself :)

Khaweya (author)  SannuWar11 months ago

Thank you Sannuwar :)

iixx_ 1511 months ago


sabu.dawdy11 months ago
I really like this idea :D
Khaweya (author)  sabu.dawdy11 months ago

thank u:-)

Verticees11 months ago


Khaweya (author)  Verticees11 months ago

thank u:-)

liz lindke 11 months ago
I really like these
Khaweya (author)  liz lindke 11 months ago

thank u:-)

Kiteman11 months ago

I love the mould-making technique!

Khaweya (author)  Kiteman11 months ago

thank you so much:-)

Abigail0211 months ago
So cool!
Khaweya (author)  Abigail0211 months ago

thank you:-)

CreativeChloe11 months ago

I love the way you made the moulds!

Khaweya (author)  CreativeChloe11 months ago

thank u:-)