Introduction: LEGO Portal Gun 1.0 W/ Lights

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Hey guys, jamex123789 here. this is my first instructable ever so... yeah I'm just learning how to do this.

Anyway, this is a LEGO portal gun I made from scratch, although i did get a bit of inspiration from other builds. The light up part is optional, and you can even change the colors!


Sorry for no parts list, I was kind of in a hurry.

Anyway, LET'S BUILD!!

Step 1: Barrel

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Make sure you make the arms as even as you can.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

Pay close attention...

Step 3: Back End

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The back part...*hee hee*

Step 4: Main Assembly and Colors

Picture of Main Assembly and Colors


Step 5: Optional LEGO TECHNIC Lights

Picture of Optional LEGO TECHNIC Lights

The lights are only optional.


jamex123789 made it! (author)2014-06-23

it just so happens im the creator himself...

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Bio: LEGOs, Video Games, Airsoft, Making things, and more, are all things I love.
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