This is an extremely accurate LEGO RBG gun.

Step 1: Assemble the Parts for the Barrel

These are the parts you have to make for the barrel

Step 2: Make the Barrel

Take the parts that you made in the previous step and connect them.

Step 3: Make the Handle.

This is how you make the handle.

Step 4: Make the Firing Mechanism.

In this step you will make the firing mechanism.

Step 5: Make the Scope

In this step you will make the scope.

Step 6: Connect Everything

In this step you will connect everything.

Step 7: Loading and Firing

To load hook the rubber band onto the front just like in the first picture. Then hook the other end to the gear in the back. You can hook on lots of rubber bands but I decided to only hook one on so you can see more clearly. To fire you have to push the trigger sideways a little and then let it go. It is extremely accurate.
<p>this so awsome!!!!!</p>
Im in need of a good lego brick shooting gun. I need it because i have stray wierd cats in my yard and they leave dead stuff all over our yard. It needs be built out of basic leo pieces because the lego i have is old. Just leave the blueprints in my inbox <br>Thanks if u send something
WHY (GASP)... ON EARTH (BREATHE) WOULD YOU EVER BUILD A &quot;LEGO&quot; GUN?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!
i made and it was great thnx. jollex!
i made a lego rubberband gattling gun...<br /> 100 shots in 3 seconds... maybe i m gona post a slide show<br /> &nbsp;
&nbsp;*face palm*<br /> <br /> jollex..... &nbsp;dude.... why would you post this?<br />
You do realize that this was posted forever ago right?&nbsp; <br />
i have a good lego sniper i just made
how is this knex first comment
Yep, its not knex-unless knex suddenly became lego!
knex <em><strong>is</strong></em> suddenly becoming lego with knex bricks<br/>
I just put knex as one of the tags becuase then more people will see it. Did you like my gun?
god people legos are gonna take over the world. resist as you might. citys of legos shall reign over wimpy knex!!!!!!!!!
WOO-HOO! LEG GODT! Lego is superior to K'nex!
...<sup>I don't know</sup>...<br/>
~~lego~~ knex i dont think so :P
there only saying that cuz i said i like ur knex gun --- i really do i dont mean that this gun is a knex one but u have more=P<br/>
remove it cause it needs to be put on Lego it look reta--, weird on knex so fix it please!
Well, I liked it. But anyways, if it says knex as on of the tags, is it life threatining?
it is not knex, nobody ever said it was.
srry i had it between to links wen i posted the comment and the other one WAS a knex gun... but ethier way nice gun jollex
and for #2 i realy do like his knex gun =P that doesnt mean i think this is a knex gun<br/>

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