I'm a comparatively light user of portable electronics - I have one DSLR, one iPod, and one mobile. Still, that's three things I have to remember to keep charged and ready. So, I build this recharge station! It is functional, compact, and acts a visual remind of what hasn't been charged yet.

Step 1: Make the Base

Due to lack of bricks, this is hollow, with flat face plates at front and back to provide a semblance of solidity. I have some old sweet boxes which are 100% compatible with LEGO, thereby saving me a lot of bricks and use L-shapes to have studs on both front and top of the supporting blocks.

Everything's colour-coded for easy reference.

Note: The ipod cable runs underneath the middle back plate to keep it tidy.
<p>good idea... I might need to do this!</p>
made it with major modifications
this is perfect...!!!
Nice! <br>
this gives me a lot of great ideas of how to make this work for me :)
Wow! Great instructable.
I LOVE how this looks - you have great style! Awesome instructable!

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