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Introduction: LEGO Rope Slide

About: My name is Christian, and I am an 18 years old Dane. I like gaming, cooking and experimenting. I also like the small, cheap and easy instructables.

Hey everyone! In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to make a Lego rope slide, where you can slide down mini-figs with different sliders. It's an idea my friend and I came up with some few years ago. There's nothing special to craft, except the Lego-stuff. You've might tried I before, but I'm also going to show you how to build some different "sliders" :)

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this instructable is a rope, lego, lego minifigures and your imagination :)

Step 2: The Track

Grab the rope, and tie it to a high place, like on the top of your stairs. Now tie the other end to something lower, that will make the rope lean. You can try to tie the rope at different places so the rope just leans enough to let the minifig slide down. I think a long but a little slower slide is much funnier than a short and fast slide.

Step 3: Different Sliders - Be Creative

Now we just need to build some sliders they can hold or sit in. I'm going to show how to build 2 sliders, in this step. Be creative and make your own. If you made a different slider, it would be nice to see a picture in the comments :)

P.S. No lego minifigures were harmed during this instructable!



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    I really wanna hook up a huge chain reaction of these throughout my entire house! so cool, great job Znaffi!

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    Haha do that! I really want to see it :D Thank you!

    This activity totally rocks! It has all necessary elements:- easy cleanup, extremely low potential for damage to anything, can be quiet, encourages active bodies and minds, can be done inside or outside, uses common easily available inexpensive items, success can be achieved by any age, experience, ability and complexity of design; can be non-competitive; many people can be engaged at the same time without interfering with each other; endless possibilities and fun can be achieved in only a few minutes as well as many hours.

    The kids spent an entire day sending little guys down the line. They tried all kinds of different ropes, and found that embroidery floss works best. It is thin enough to sit deep into the ridges of a wheel (some wheels have very deep gooves), doesn't stretch, and is smooth enough for a fast ride. If you want to slow things down, use yarn. With embroidery floss you don't need much of a slope so the guy can ride a very long way: though rooms, down stairs, in and out windows. I had as much fun than they did. Thank you for sharing! Baca9

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    Wow! I am so happy, that this was a success for the kids! Thank you for sharing your idea about the rope type :) My friend and I could also spent hours and hours playing this. Have fun!

    I just found this site and am soooo excited about it. I am a great-grandma and am always looking for things that will excite kids to do more than watch a screen. I can hardly wait to try this out with the little kids next door. People, please never forget how to play! This is a perfect project for old folks who still like to play. Thanks!

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    Haha you're welcome! Glad you liked it :) Have you done it?

    Exactly :)

    Thank you :D

    Haha :P


    Cool! I love Lego and I've been looking to do a new project so I took this one on. It worked out great. Thank you :)

    You should attach a DC motor with an arm to one end of the string; so to continually change the incline of the string. Kind of similar to those "monkey on a unicycle" toys that move back and forth from wall to wall.

    Simple design took about 1/2 a minute to make. Not the sturdiest design, but it works.

    13, 7:53 PM.jpg13, 7:53 PM.jpg13, 7:53 PM.jpg13, 7:53 PM.jpg13, 7:53 PM.jpg13, 7:53 PM.jpg13, 7:53 PM.jpg

    This reminds me of when I was smaller I used to make rope swings and stuff. Bottom line it's awesome

    Clean and simple: the way I like it :)