Introduction: LEGO Sofa

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This instructable will teach you to make a beautiful sofa that you can combine with my other instructable LEGO Retro TV as it appears in pictures

Step 1: Parts

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2 roof tile 2x2x2x/65 deg.
2 bonnet 2x2
1 brick 1x8
4 roof tile 2x2/45 inv.
1 plate 4x12
1 plate 4x8
6 brick 1x4
4 plate 1x2
8 plate 1x1 round
4 plate 1x8

Step 2: Step 1

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turn the piece plate 4x12 upside down

Step 3:

Picture of

insert parts roof tile 2x2/45 inv. as pictured

Step 4: Step 3

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form clusters with the pieces plate 1x1 round until they equal to image

Step 5: Step 4

Picture of Step 4

Now place the sets formed in the previous step at the ends of the building as the image

Step 6: Step 5

Picture of Step 5

put the part plate 4x8 in set as shown the image

Step 7: Step 6

Picture of Step 6

do two sets with parts plate 1x8 as in the image

Step 8: Step 7

Picture of Step 7

enter the joint formed in the previous step in the construction as shown in the image

Step 9: Step 8

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turn the building and add the pieces tile roof 2x2x2x/65 deg. as the image

Step 10: Step 9

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Now add the part plate 1x2 as pictured

Step 11: Step 10

Picture of Step 10

repeat the previous step on both sides

Step 12: Step 11

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Now place the piece bonnet 2x2 and then repeat on the opposite side as the image

Step 13: Step 12

Picture of Step 12

Place two pieces brick 1x4 next to one another as in the image

Step 14: Step 13

Picture of Step 13

Now enter the part brick 1x8 as shown in photo

Step 15: Step 14

Picture of Step 14

In this step you will complete the "seat" with pieces brick 1x4 to look like the picture

Step 16: End

Picture of End

Now just put the dolls and it will be finished


AlexP400 made it! (author)2017-09-01

Cool! Btw the lego figures are not called dolls, it's called Minifigure. I made it on LDD for my working in progress Ikea, here's a screenshot:

it even comes with different colours and style

AlexP400 (author)AlexP4002017-09-01

Don't worry about the brick count, it's just me working on my city

Melia1661 (author)2015-06-10

cool! (author)2012-07-28

i like it


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-05-29

Awesome! And it fits three LEGO men comfortably :D

Really they are comfortable

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