LEGO Space Police - Lunar Limo (5984) MOC




Introduction: LEGO Space Police - Lunar Limo (5984) MOC

Hey there LEGO fans!

First off, I don't normally post things like this, so consider yourselves lucky.

This is a moc of LEGO set 5984 of the Space Police series, the Lunar Limo. I do not think anyone else has posted a moc for this set-I have not found one yet-so I posted my own. When it was on the market the year it came out, I purchased it for roughly $40. And it's sat on a shelf collecting dust for x many years; so inspired by "The LEGO Movie" and the LEGO Creator series (cars), I took it apart and made something new out of it, and this was the outcome after two to three hours... I had about one-fourth of the pieces unused from the disassembled limo. I hope you enjoy this new vehicle in the pictures, thank you and leave a comment if you have any ideas and if you want to see more.

--Dylan C.



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