I have decided to make lego guns that can be equipped with almost any bionicle figure. Here is my first one. I browsed the internet to find a real submachine gun that matched the look of this one, but the closest I got to was the M-5

Step 1: LEGO Sub Machine Gun 1 (LSG1) Part 1

Start off with a 1x4 brick with three holes and three Technic/Brick connectors.

Step 2: LSG1 Part 2

Put the Technic/ Brick connectors into the 1x4 brick as shown and bring out a 1x1 brick with one hole.

Step 3: LSG1 Part 3

Now connect the two with a flat 1x2 piece and put an x/o piece through the 1x1 brick as shown.

Step 4: LSG1 Part 4

Put a long x/x hole tube on the x/o piece and then get a flat 1x1 piece with joint and put it behind the 1x1 flat piece as shown.

Step 5: LSG1 Part 5

I feel like you guys won't be reading this stuff so i'll just let you look at the pictures and figure it out by yourself, don't worry, it's easy.

Step 6: LSG Part 6

Step 7: LSG Part 7

Step 8: LSG Part 8

Cut off one of the studs on the side of a 1x1 5 studed brick as shown

Step 9: LSG Part 9

Step 10: LSG1 Part 10

Step 11: LSG1 Part 11

Attach a flat (non studed) 1x6 panel onto each side of the gun.

Step 12: LSG1 Part 12

Attach a 1x6 flat (studded piece to the top of the gun. If you want to, add a studded minifigure back panel on top to make it look like a red dot sight. This is optional, but I like it. And there you have it, your very own lego sub machine gun for any bionicle figure. This is good for MOCers.
cool but it doesnt shoot u gotta make 1 that does
<p>that would be hard dude</p>
<p>awesome i am going to try it</p>
What pieces did you use to make the magazine?
why is this under knex? just curious<br>
&nbsp;do u mean the MP5k the m5 is a car
Mach 5!<br>
That's a pretty close depiction of it. All I have to do is make the clip a little longer and add a frontal grip.
ur kinda my lego gun hero can u take a look at this and give it ur aprova at l<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/lego-MAC-1110/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/lego-MAC-1110/</a><br />
sweet man
that would be really ezy<br />
instead of cutting use an angular brick 1x1!!!!!!!!!!!!! i made on digy designer:D
That is so nice.... i made it just for fun =)
remindes me of an MP7<br />

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