Picture of LEGO iTheatre
I made this LEGO iTheatre  so I can enjoy music and watch my favorite movies. I started with a cardboard version but I wanted to make it better. So, I made one out of LEGOs. My Dad showed me the LEGO contest so I decided to enter it. 

You can use it as a display for you favorite Mini Figures. The speaker fits right into it. When your not using the speaker, the iTheatre works as an amplifier. 

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Step 1: Gather your LEGO pieces

Find a platform to build on. I'm using a platform from a space set. Measure your ipod using LEGOs. Grab enough so you can build a wall as wide as your platform and two brick rows taller than your ipod. At this point you can also decide which accessories to add on. I thought it would be good to use movie props. 

I use an old cookie sheet to keep all my pieces together. 

Step 2: Build the walls

Picture of Build the walls
Build the back wall 16 layers high. Build the side walls 7 layers high. The side walls have a notch in the top layer to prop up your ipod. Make sure to interlink the bricks so it stays together better. I didn't interlink the walls because I wanted to take it apart for travel. 

Step 3: Build the accessories

Picture of Build the accessories
I found my accessories in my uncles garage. They were in an old plastic bag. I think they are from a LEGO movie set from the 1980's. To build the camera I put three circular 1x1's on. Then put a piece on the bottom so it could go on. 

The clapperboard snaps into another piece so it can go on to. 

Step 4: Put it all together

Picture of Put it all together
I put 2 flat pieces on the top and another 2 in front on the bottom. This makes a ledge for mini figures on top and accessories on bottom. All that's left to do is choosing which mini figures to put on. 

The speaker fits in the bottom perfectly. 
It's an iPod stand
mcshawnboy2 years ago
Good job sir! Hang in there & in no time you'll be showing your Pop's all your tricks when you post new 'ibles! I use to go out with a girl who loved playing with Lego's at McDonald's. I met her in college, but she had a youthfulness that she really enjoyed them. I hear variations of Lego's are very popular! Keep on building. :)
ratmax002 years ago
Nice Job! Well done.
PitStoP2 years ago
Modarius2 years ago
That is pretty sweet! I might just have to break out my bin of legos and try this out. I've been looking for a good way to hold my iTouch. And the idea of using a cookie sheet to hold them is genius, there's nothing like just using the floor and stepping on them :P
Awesome... I am sorry you just missed the Father's day contest, this would have been a winner for sure.
Keep them coming, you are a bright kid :[)
shazni2 years ago
Very nice indeed... Keep them coming :-)
alf4jc2 years ago
Did you make this or did your legos come alive while you were out and built it for them selfs....hehehe. Great work keep it up!!!!
kcli2 years ago
Hey, this looks like fun...Nice job!!!
pudtiny2 years ago
Good Work, keep them coming
Kiteman2 years ago
What, no polished beaten metal?

Work hard, youngling, and will soon eclipse your dad. (If you need help, PM me.)
That's very nice. Its a clever idea.
I hope your Mummy and Daddy let you help make their Instructables too. When my boys were little they made lego models like you, and now they post their own Instructables.
BrittLiv2 years ago
Awesome job on integrating the speaker! Please post more stuff!
amiltu2 years ago
next stop lego tv, make it happen capt.
M3G2 years ago
Well done, this is great!
=////=======> WoW.! - Sell a patent to Lego.? "There's a new generation taking over, GooD Stuff.
Hoopajoo2 years ago
Very creative! I can tell that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.