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Introduction: LEGO Keychain

simple, quick, sweet... what more could you want?

this isn't really so much of a "how would i accomplish this?" instructable as a "oh yeah i could totally do that!" instructable.

lego makes keychains by the way that are part of a key holding set, but pbth!

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

you'll need:

a lego brick
a fork you don't mind wrecking
a lighter
a length of beaded chain (the chain on ceiling fans)
2 minutes

Step 2: Make Way!

so take the fork and bend a tine down at an angle

then heat it up for a bit. maybe 25 seconds? maybe 15? it doesn't take much

then jam it through from the bottom so you know it matches up with the tube on the bottom. spin the tine until there is a hole the size of the tube on the bottom

Step 3: You're Done!

obviously now you string the beaded chain through and voila!

instead of beaded chain, you could also use a piece of leather, string, human entrails, whatever you want!




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     Do you know if a soldering iron would work in place of a hot fork?

    where wouldi go buy beaded chain and how much?

    you could use any kind of steel that will fit, like a needle, paperclip, sheet metal, etc.

    I like your instructable. It sure saves money. I found a drill to be better for putting a hole through the Lego block. Here is what mine looks like. Thanks for sharing this cool idea. Much cheaper than buying a licensed Lego keychain. ;)


    just use a drill so you dont weck your forcks

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    you could just use a drill instead of breaking a fork

    If you would have drilled the chain whole on the diagonal through the side corner you could still add other lego pieces or make a lego key rack and attach your keys to it.

    You could also make your Lego magnetic & stick your keys to the fridge! (Or a metal door, if you have one). Sweet. :D

    should try this sometime...

    Just to note, if you do decide to go the drill method, you can go though sideways instead of though one of the holes. Be careful to keep the hole itself clean. Now you can take a larger "sheet" lego and make a keyrack which the lego keychains can all stick to. (Legoland sells these at very high prices, easy to DIY)

    coolness... good structible. you probably should mention that if someone has a drill they can do it that way, so its easier to their convenience. and i can tell you're a drummer... i have that same exact drum key... unless you stole mine O_o.. haha just kidding

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    I don't consider a drill better, or easier. this method is cleaner, takes the same amount of time, and the hole it makes is perfect.

    I have a lighter and a fork but I don't have a drill, so no, it would not be easier for me. I do want a drill though. Wanna mail me one?

    Everybody's a critic. I like the clean, meltiness of this method. Who would've thought a hot fork tine could puncture a lego so cleanly? Well, maybe someone who does that sort of thing, but not me.