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Introduction: LEGO Laser Pointer

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 A couple of weeks ago i bought a el-cheapo laser pen. It was cool until it broke the day after I got it. So I decided i would hack it and put it in a LEGO brick...

WARNING: Never shine any laser pointer in your eyes!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather Materials


1. laser pointer or laser pen

2. 2x6 LEGO brick ( or whatever fits your laser assembly )

3. short length of wire

4. batteries that came with the laser


1. soldering iron 

2. solder

3. something to gut LEGO brick

4. something to put a hole in LEGO brick

Step 2: Take the Laser Out of the Pointer or Pen

 Take the laser assembly out. You will not need the case so do whatever you want to take it out, just don't brake the laser assembly.

Step 3: Gut the Brick and Put Holes in It

 Gut the brick. You might want to use a Dremel but since I don't have one I used my knife. You will have to put two holes in the brick ( one for the laser and one for the button )

Step 4: Put in the Battery Connector

You know when you change the batteries and there is a springy side ( - ) and a flat side ( + ). We need the flat side you can take it out of almost anything there is batteries in. Super glue it in the back of the brick.

Step 5: Fit Everything Together

 Put the batteries and the laser assembly in. ( I taped the batteries in so they wouldn't fall out ) 

Step 6: Soldering

 Solder the short wire to the thing sticking out of the battery connector to the metal piece on the laser assembly. 

Step 7: Finishing It Up

 You will probably want to secure it in with hot glue to make it secure. ( I didn't )



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    great project

    looking forward to seeing more from you

    congrats !

    The way you've photographed this shows it's worst side. Can you picture it the other way up with the laser on? How do you press the button?


    3 replies

    sorry ill work on it and my laser came with a small momentary switch on it so all you have to do is push it  and mine broke ill have to update it soon


    Ah right, so the button inside is the broken one (no need to push it)?


     no you have to put something on the button to have it stick out of the LEGO brick