Introduction: LEGO Mw3 UAV Radio (how To)

Picture of LEGO Mw3 UAV Radio (how To)

Some of you asked me to make an instructable on how to make the LEGO mw3 UAV Radio, so here it is.

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base

Step 2: Antenna

Picture of Antenna

Step 3: Batteries and Cover

Picture of Batteries and Cover

Sorry if anything was unclear.


cooljenwow (author)2016-06-13

I love that you made batteries. it kind of shows that you try go to the max of awesomeness.

charlie-lee-rhee (author)2013-11-05

i didn't have the green bricks, so my screen is filled with lightsaber rods........

benderbrasil (author)2013-04-21

very good

JonnyBGood (author)2013-04-16

Very Cool! Seems like you have taken over the Lego side of things.

BrickSmith (author)JonnyBGood2013-04-16

Yes, yes I have.

JonnyBGood (author)BrickSmith2013-04-17

Not a bad thing of course. Your ideas are great and they are executed well!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-04-12

That's cool! I love that you even made batteries for it :)

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