Picture of Functional LEGO Pistol (with GIF)

A working LEGO pistol.

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Step 1: Handle

Step 2: Barrel

Step 3: Trigger

Step 4: Fin

Pull back on the bar until first click then slow down and pull until the second click.
Valkaes20 days ago
Valkaes20 days ago
I believe that was a stop motion gif and it was yet just another faux.
patar774 months ago
Plz make a semi auto one plz it would be awesomne
patar774 months ago
It works better if u use 3 1x4's because it won't get stuck and then just add another 1x4 to the like thing that feeds the bullets up
RileyO7 months ago

Hey, How Far Does It Shoot?

xxCamelW RileyO5 months ago

it shoots as far as gravity takes it ;)

ChessWizard9 months ago
Damn nice!
AjKing11 months ago
You sir, have earned my approval. I could never figure out a brickshooter mechanism
chandrahas aroori made it!11 months ago

The design is nice but needs major modifications

1. You need to change the gear mechanism so that the trigger has larger radius than the release stick

2. The attachment between handle-barrel , barrel-trigger needs to be made stronger

3. The trigger handle should be longer so that it exploits the lever principle

4. The barrel and handle insides should be lubricated

BrickSmith (author)  chandrahas aroori11 months ago
My goal is to supply a basic idea, I encourage builder's liberty, as for your advice... 
1. You got me there but I've still haven't had a problem with it.
2. No matter what's done it's just gonna break at the weakest link.
3. I've never had a problem.
4. Not going to happen.
Masta-Foo1 year ago

Where do you get the 2x1 with 2 holes?

so it's semi automatic
leave me comment too...!!!
wow you build it like so easy, congrats...!!!
-dami-1 year ago
Please visit my instruction!!! And leave a comment!!!
didexo1 year ago
mrdude1231 year ago
THIS IS BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that is pretty boss bro. =D
Does it shoot them far?
This is boss
dbenn1231 year ago
dud that is so cool.
Hey 001000120, could you like make a video demonstrating how to cock/fire it?
alindley1 year ago
Could you possibly put together a parts list for this model?
What does it fire
avillarama1 year ago
You should make one of those sheets that show each piece you'll need and how many of each you'll need! Great Instructable! Hopefully I'll have the right LEGO pieces to build this!!!
ian91141 year ago
that is awsome
sonicrz1 year ago
That is pretty epic
BrickSmith (author) 1 year ago
It shoots 4 stud long bricks with smooth plates.
hats99941 year ago
what does it shoot?