LEGO pistol (working)

Picture of LEGO pistol (working)

A working LEGO pistol.

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Step 1: Handle

Step 2: Barrel

Step 3: Trigger

Step 4: Fin

Pull back on the bar until first click then slow down and pull until the second click.
Masta-Foo25 days ago

Where do you get the 2x1 with 2 holes?

filipsnipes1 month ago
so it's semi automatic
Kevin hardy2 months ago
leave me comment too...!!!
Kevin hardy2 months ago
wow you build it like so easy, congrats...!!!
-dami-2 months ago
Please visit my instruction!!! And leave a comment!!!
didexo3 months ago
mrdude12310 months ago
THIS IS BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that is pretty boss bro. =D
RickiDuff84211 months ago
Does it shoot them far?
This is boss
dbenn12311 months ago
dud that is so cool.
Joshua Wells12 months ago
Hey 001000120, could you like make a video demonstrating how to cock/fire it?
alindley1 year ago
Could you possibly put together a parts list for this model?
What does it fire
avillarama1 year ago
You should make one of those sheets that show each piece you'll need and how many of each you'll need! Great Instructable! Hopefully I'll have the right LEGO pieces to build this!!!
ian91141 year ago
that is awsome
sonicrz1 year ago
That is pretty epic
BrickSmith (author) 1 year ago
It shoots 4 stud long bricks with smooth plates.
hats99941 year ago
what does it shoot?

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