This is my first instructable. Anyway, this is a simple lego gun that I'm gonna show you.

Step 1: The Mechanism and Body

The mechanism is easy and you can decorate the body however you like.

Step 2: The Handle Part 1

The handle will be created in parts.

Step 3: The Handle Part 2

Second part.

Step 4: The Handle Part 3

The 3rd part of the handle.

Step 5: The Handle Part 4

The last part.

Step 6: Put Them All Together

Step 7: Reloading

Put the rubberband on the barrel, then pull it all the way back into the biggest tooth gear.
<p>Oh My Gosh it is so amzing.For the bullets mi used loom bands</p>
I just made it and it is awesome
impressive for a first instructable

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