LEGO is awesome, but what if you could make everything LEGO compatible !!!!!

Because LEGO is made from ABS, (one of sugru's favourite materials to bond to) we came up with some great projects using sugru to help make LEGO even better !!!!!

All you need is sugru, LEGO and stuff to bond them to :)

Check out our video to get an idea how :)

sugru + LEGO projects:

1: Make a USB cable mount on your monitor (see step 2)

2: Transform a pen into a LEGO character (see step 3-4)

3: Transform your bike handle bars into a play space for your kids (see step 5)

4: Make almost any toy LEGO compatible (see step 6)

Why sugru is good for this:
1: bonds to ABS brilliantly :)
2: bonds to most other materials
3: you can remove sugru from most non porous surfaces without leaving any marks (see step 7)

Take note: Unlike LEGO, sugru isn't a toy. While it's still soft and squidgy, sugru is for grownups, not kids, so keep it away from those little guys. Once sugru has had time to cure, it's safe for everyone.


There are a few basic steps for every sugru + LEGO hack, this step covers these basics so you can pretty much do any combination.

1: Chose your LEGO piece, we love the shallow pieces as they are much smaller and less obtrusive on your stuff.

2: Press a sausage of sugru firmly onto the LEGO.

3: Make a pyramid shape (this helps get a great bond in the next step)

4: Press the LEGO firmly onto the surface.

5: Leave overnight to cure
<p>I've got to admit, this is pretty brilliant. Adding Legos to normal things can make everything compatible with... everything! Great instructable. Great photos, great tep-by-step. Nice work!</p>
nice <br>
I did a similar thing with epoxy and nerf guns. I like Sugru better. <br>
After watching Sugru videos, my smile muscles ache.
Very cool!
Excellent ideas!&nbsp; When I was making my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-LEGO-Compatible-Bricks/" rel="nofollow">LEGO compatible bricks</a>, Sugru was one of the first materials I experimented with for making the mold, but I found out it bonded to the bricks very securely!&nbsp; Playing around with the combination of LEGO and Sugru has been on my to do list ever since.&nbsp; I'll definitely have to move it up the list, seeing how well it works!

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