Step 2: 1: Make a USB cable mount on your monitor

Picture of 1: Make a USB cable mount on your monitor
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mac 01resize.png
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mac 04resize.png
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mac & cable 01resize.png
mac & cable 02resize.png
you need 2 pieces of LEGO for this, one to bond to your USB cable and the other to your monitor.

1: Make 2 small sausages of sugru the length of the LEGO pieces.

2: Press 1 piece of sugru firmly onto the back of one LEGO block and the second piece onto the front of the other.

3: Make a mini pyramid from the sugru with your fingers. (This will help you get a good bond in the next step)

4: Press the sugru firmly onto the end of your USB cable and the other onto the side of your monitor making sure you get a good bond.

5: Finally, gently press the sugru around the edges to get a nice surface finish.

5: Leave both to cure overnight.

6: Once cured, you can easily pop your cable on and off your monitor, yay, a tidy desk :)
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andy.knote7 months ago

I've got to admit, this is pretty brilliant. Adding Legos to normal things can make everything compatible with... everything! Great instructable. Great photos, great tep-by-step. Nice work!