Step 4: Add the lego heads

Once cured you can attach whatever lego head suits your mood. Experiment with different characters, hairstyles and hats. Enjoy!

hmm, perhaps I should have made several LEGO pens at the same time !!!!

oooooh, these would make great presents :)
<p>I've got to admit, this is pretty brilliant. Adding Legos to normal things can make everything compatible with... everything! Great instructable. Great photos, great tep-by-step. Nice work!</p>
nice <br>
I did a similar thing with epoxy and nerf guns. I like Sugru better. <br>
After watching Sugru videos, my smile muscles ache.
Very cool!
Excellent ideas!&nbsp; When I was making my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-LEGO-Compatible-Bricks/" rel="nofollow">LEGO compatible bricks</a>, Sugru was one of the first materials I experimented with for making the mold, but I found out it bonded to the bricks very securely!&nbsp; Playing around with the combination of LEGO and Sugru has been on my to do list ever since.&nbsp; I'll definitely have to move it up the list, seeing how well it works!

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