Step 6: 4: Make Almost Any Toy LEGO Compatible

this one can be as crazy as your imagination, just use the same steps as before but you can build all kinds of crazy new LEGO compatible toys, we made a dinosaur, what will you make ?...

1: Make a small sausages of sugru the length of the LEGO piece.

2: Press the sugru firmly onto the back of the LEGO block.

3: Make a mini pyramid from the sugru with your fingers. (This will help you get a good bond in the next step)

4: Press the sugru firmly onto the end of your toy making sure you get a good bond.

5: Finally, gently press the sugru around the edges to get a nice surface finish.

5: Leave both to cure overnight.

6: Once cured, you can easily build other LEGO blocks or characters onto your new LEGO compatible toy, yay :)
<p>I've got to admit, this is pretty brilliant. Adding Legos to normal things can make everything compatible with... everything! Great instructable. Great photos, great tep-by-step. Nice work!</p>
nice <br>
I did a similar thing with epoxy and nerf guns. I like Sugru better. <br>
After watching Sugru videos, my smile muscles ache.
Very cool!
Excellent ideas!&nbsp; When I was making my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-LEGO-Compatible-Bricks/" rel="nofollow">LEGO compatible bricks</a>, Sugru was one of the first materials I experimented with for making the mold, but I found out it bonded to the bricks very securely!&nbsp; Playing around with the combination of LEGO and Sugru has been on my to do list ever since.&nbsp; I'll definitely have to move it up the list, seeing how well it works!

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