Introduction: LEGO Znap

Znap is THE conpetitor to knex but znap faild THE toy sold not so good... Znap is à product from LEGO

Step 1: Plane

Step 2: Bike

Step 3: Helicopter

Step 4: Plane 2

Step 5: Mini Car

Step 6: Micro Car

Step 7: Truck

Step 8: Duck

Step 9: Jettski

Step 10: SpaceShip

Step 11: Helicopter 2

Step 12: F1

Step 13:

Step 14: Knex Car

THE end question what think you what here stand

Hallo ik kom uit Hoogwoud ik ben dertien jaar oud en mijn naam is Thijs

What thinking you what here stand pleas comment in THE reactions


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Bio: ENGLISH: Hello im thijs im 14 years old my birthday is the 19th of february and my interest are knex. NEDELANDS: Hallo ik ben thijs ... More »
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