Hello to everyone.

This is my first instructables project. Its name is LEGOLED.
It can show on RGB Led display following contents:

· today and tomorrow Google Calendar events

· RSS news

· today and tomorrow weather reports

· incoming Google Calendar event

Powered by Raspberry PI

Step 1: What You Need

n.1 Raspberry Pi mod.B

n.1 Netgear WNCE2001 (or WIFI USB dongle, or nothing using LAN connection)

n.2 3W speakers

n.1 stereo power amplifier 3W with its power transformer

n.1 relay 1 channel 5V PIC ARM AVR DSP

n.2 Full Colour RGB LED Matrix's P6 16x64: 384mm x 96mm Adafruit 420 & 1484 compatible

n.4 power suppliers 5V 2A (for RGB Led Matrix)

n.1 power supply 5V 1A (for Raspberry Pi)

n.16 female/female jumpers

n.6 sockets for extension lead

electric cable and some terminal blocks

and , obviously, Lego Duplo blocks and platform bases

<p>Hey! Awesome project! I was wondering, if I were to do this project how hard would it be to display images rather than the google calendar text on specific hours of the day? Thank you for sharing such a great idea with us!</p>
<p>Would a Raspberry Pi Model A work for this?</p>
mod. A and B seems have same GPIO pins. <br>mod A RAM is 256mb i/o 512mb, but i don't think it's a problem for LEGOLED.<br>You can check difference between two models on the following link:<br>http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2012/06/simple-guide-to-the-rpi-gpio-header-and-pins/<br><br>
can I buy one of these for my son? this would be awesome addition to his room!
<p>I am proud that you like, thanks.</p><p>It's on of a kind, builds with my son's Duplo blocks . You can easly reply it considering that i'm not an expert. </p><p>If you have childrens, it could be integrated with automatic audiobook playing at the time to sleep. </p>
<p>Very cool! Love this project.... Thank you for sharing! In progress of building.... </p>
<p>Thanks. Send photo once completed.</p><p>The one i've builded has two more functionality:</p><p>1) reminder - one hour before event starts show an alert;</p><p>2) aphorism - i've created an aphorism database in my Language and, randomly, during the day show an aphorism.</p><p>if you need, i can share these more scripts.</p>
Please show a video of this working
which part would you like to see in addiction to the one posted on youtube ?
<p>&Egrave; molto bella,salutami i tuoi figli.</p>
<p>This is greatly detailed! I love the concept and the outcome! </p>

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