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Introduction: LEGO Man Keychain

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Sorta like Gnargnar's keychain, except mines got a guy on it, not a brick, and he loves to be mashed into random things that hang with your keys.

Step 1: Finding the Right Man for the Job

This is a known fact throughout the world. If you own any lego set ever made, you have atleast one little guy that came with it. Find him, fill him in on the situation, then find out if he is prone to motion sickness. The guy I used is sorta firefighterish. Use whoever you like.

For this project it is recommended to have:
A lego man (duh)
Super glue
key chain
drill (or use Gnargnar's method)

Step 2: Take Him Apart You Must...

For this step, take the guy apart. That's right, pull his legs from his torso, and pop his head off like it's just asking for it. After you do this, put super glue on all the places where you took something off, and put them back on. this will keep random pieces from falling off during the most embarising moments. ex. Your showing off your new keychain, and the mans legs fall off. Now that would'nt exactly say craftmanship now would it.

Step 3: This Won't Hurt a Bit...

Now that the lego man has been succesfully glued in place so that no appendiges fall off in public you need to make a space for the keychain to go. the perfect spot for this is on the torso, a bit under the neck, before you get to his "abs". Drill a hole there, or, do the hot fork through the plastic method used by GnarGnar. it does'nt have to be a giant hole, just big enough for the chain.

Step 4: You Done Yet?

ok, thread the chain through, put it on your keys, and go show it off to your friends, hope you liked my instructable. It is my first you know. Rate well, live long, and prosper.

Step 5: Alternate Method for Lanyards or to Pin on Your Shirt

This is another way to do it, but this guy can be pinned to your shirt or lanyard or whatever. It's so simple I'll just explain it in one step. For this you need a lego man, and one of those pins, (usually made of metal) that have the weird butterfly clasp thing on the back. It's simple! just superglue the pin to the back, and you can put your lego man on anything!



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    evolution of lego man


    seen thes on ebay thay have a led in the foot aswel


    it kinda looks like he got shot in the chest lol

    Sorry, not as cool as the keychain Lego men you can just buy - I have a Lego Stormtrooper on my camera bag, Kitewife has a Lego kung-fu heroine on her handbag.

    7 replies

    Don't those have the chain in the head?

    Yeh, it fastens to a thing in the top of the head.

    True, and you have also inspired a Hallowe'en Instructable (bites tongue).

    Ah-ha, wait and see (if it works, for one thing).

    oooh, your gonna do somethin? cool, I thought you meant someone had already posted something about mine. Good luck on it

    Strange with the chain coming out of his chest.


    i think it looks weird on the body lol i want it to look like normal, still, really good, i gotta add this one to my favorites

    Then you could super-glue the head onto the body, the legs onto the body

    1 reply

    That's what I did, so that they dont come off


    AHHHHH THERE'S A HOLE IN HIS CHEST!!! Couldn't you just put a small eye screw in the head and epoxy the parts together?