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Introduction: LEVIATHAN-V1

About: Im am artist, i make the best guns ever when im bored just check them. There insanely good!!!

The gun in action.



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    All that remains ftw...

    I didn't actually watch the video though, just listened to the song...

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    DUDE! That gun is even larger then my SPARCCS!

    strange... the video was made on 01/08 but it was published on 01/06...

    anyway, two cans, not bad!

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    LOL, i know why, i took the video on the web cam of the new lap top i got for christmas. I havent set the time on it yet lol.

    no today is jan 8

    It was PUBLISHED on January 6th do you see?

    omg ur right i mesed up lol

    Yeah, it is strange.

    yeah I know but on the video left above in the corner it says 01/08

    ????  I posted a whole slide show on the pictures of the gun. ????

    Ohhh sorry now I see it haha sorry

    wow! post! 5*