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It's a high powered single shot rifle with a scope which can zoom in and out.It fires two different types of round: a cluster of 4 sharpened rods, for range.The other round is a single sharpened rod.It's immense size is because it has to take the strain of strong elastic bands for long periods of time. 


DontShoot262 (author)2012-03-22

You sure it's big enough? lol

Seleziona (author)2009-12-03

how does the scope zoom in and out??????

OK i forgot all about the scope in the video, so here's how it works. The scope, like any other scope is a cylinder shape, if you look into it the front part is a snow flake connector, useually there's another one at the other side, but in this one there are 4 of the orange clips(the ones that are thicker than the grey clips and they have the little bit on the end, many people use them for red dot sights). They are arranged so that they are all facing inwards, and it look's like a + shape. Now on the side of the scpoe there is a 45 degree angle connector, when you look in the cope you can see the + shape and the hole throught the connector. The connector can slide back or forward so that it changes the size of the + and the area you can see through the scope. If this diden't make any sense ask me to make a video on the scope. 

yashen (author)insanecreator922010-04-09

That's my design right there =D Thanks again for using it.

For those of you who are confused about how to make it here is a diagram of a simplified version of it. (the orange clips there are actually tan connectors but they are meant to be  the single orange ones with the little rail.)


This scope design was first used on the SSR - v1 (my first attempt at a sling gun.)

This is the original gun and scope.



Very smart!

I will show you when i post it I'm really busy right now.

cool, i am too....

mettaurlover (author)2010-02-05

Just post this monstrosity so the rest of us can build it.

Can't i broke it up to build another gun.

KnexFreek (author)2009-12-30

 That is INSANE!!!!!!! How have i not seen this???
  Im dead serious, this is INTENSE.

50000000000 stars

PUT the pictures in this order: (and delete the rest)

and you will get this rating up to 4+ stars.

insanecreator92 (author)2009-12-30

Thanks for rating and commenting guys :D

insanecreator92 (author)2009-12-27

As soon as i get a memory card ror my camera ill make the video.

squarepants (author)2009-12-17

wow. i mean WOOOOOOOOOOOW! that is, summed up, insane. 5*

TheDunkis (author)2009-11-05

It looks impressive but most would say that they prefer function. I'm sure you could make something just as good but smaller and more piece efficient. Try something with more features in a smaller space and it will be even more impressive.

My next gun will be made purely for function.

Oblivitus (author)TheDunkis2009-11-05

I agree, it changes peoples perception of the gun, even if there are new innovations on this gun, they are hidden and distracted from by the bulk, and that becomes the point of focus.

insanecreator92 (author)2009-11-09

Thanks for rating and commenting. What do you want to see next after i make the video for this gun? Should i build for function, aesthetics, range, power, accuracy or rate of fire?

knexguy (author)2009-11-05

So it fires bundles of rods?  New idea.  Looks needlessly bulky, but I love the shape.

insanecreator92 (author)knexguy2009-11-09

It fires bundles of sharpened rods for range and immense power,  and single sharpened rods for can piercing and stuff like that.

Millawi Legend (author)2009-11-04

You sir, Are amazing. This thing is Huge!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I'm going to try and beat it.

I have a few questions though. Is this a sling shot? Is it semi auto? and how many layers thick is it?

It's mostly 5 pieces thick but at certain parts it is 6 pieces thick.Yes it is a sling shot, currently single shot but next version will be semi auto.

Oblivitus (author)2009-11-04

Looks like an interesting design, it could have been made much smaller though.

To all the people who are impressed by its size, remember that bulkiness is a con in the engineering world.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-11-05

That depends on your perception.  I like bulky guns better than skinny guns.  I'd use the knexsayer over the BR8 depending on if it works or not.

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2009-11-05

No, it is a fact, in engineering, things should be made as small as is possible and only as large as neccesary. If something is unneceraily large it is for an artistic or some other purpose and not engineering. You can like it more because of it, but it does not make the design better.

It needs to be chunky to take the strain of the strain of the elastic band, so it is necessary.I do see your point though allot of people think guns look cool because they are big and chunky, by the way like your art work!

You are so right.  There is no point in size unless it it necessary to make it work. But I still like big things cuz of the look. :-)

Yeah, and that's okay, I just wanted to remind everyone to think logically and not emotionally.

Yep. Also Viccie wants you to be a judge in the TNKIT. Are you going to do it??

I'd like to, but what exactly will I have to do? Are you a judge too?

I'm not sure what you got to do, but ask Viccie or IaC. I'm not a judge, I'm a contestant.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-11-05

That only really applies to technology like cell phones or hard drives.  Making a teeny tiny car would not be a good idea.

Big guns give a huge intimidation factor, and if you run out, they made good clubs.

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2009-11-05

I think that you misunderstood my comment. If you mean a car that you can't fit into, that doesn't comply with my comment, because I said; "only as large as necessary". A car that you can't fit into would be smaller than necessity demands.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-11-05

Ohhh, Now I get it.  People make larger than necessary guns because they can.  I prefer heavier guns because you feel less shock from the firing pin impact.  Slingshots and cannons get their power from the size of the gun.

poptart64 (author)2009-11-08

it looks like this thing will pwn like crazy

RMConstruction (author)2009-11-06

Looks good, if a lil' chunky!

I_am_Canadian (author)2009-11-06

Well, the looks are pretty beastly :-)

Waiting on that video though...

Fred the Penguin (author)2009-11-04

no offence meant but it looks like a glofified rbg to me, am I right?

It fires rods, not bands.

I know that, it just looks like it uses an rbg mech

The Jamalam (author)2009-11-05

Doesn't look like it is too amazing. It is really just a pimped/beefed up gun. All that beef can't be good for function, especially if it hits a barrel on the way. I'll wait to see it fire.

~KGB~ (author)2009-11-05


chopstx (author)2009-11-03

Cool! I like the stock most of all.

Although, It does look rather big and piece consuming.............


insanecreator92 (author)chopstx2009-11-03

I did use allot of pieces, but that's not the point , there are allot of people on instructables who think im not capeable of makeing good guns.This was just really to prove how good i am at making guns.Im trying to change from when i first joined. 

chopstx (author)insanecreator922009-11-04


DJ Radio (author)2009-11-03

Snore.  You aren't the first one to make a completely huge knex gun.

insanecreator92 (author)DJ Radio2009-11-03

Don't judge it yet till you seen it fireing.That's not what's new about it.

DJ Radio (author)insanecreator922009-11-04


Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-11-04

Well I like the looks of it, But what exactly is it??

knexfan9182 (author)2009-11-04

semi auto shotgun?

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