Here’s how to enable adoptable storage ( SD card as an internal storage ) on your LG device with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s really simple:

Enable USB debugging in your smart phone. To enable it, go to SETTINGS select DEVELOPER OPTIONS and check on USB Debugging

Download this SDK file .


Once downloaded, right-click on adb-setup-1.4.3.exe and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Press Y to “install ADB and Fastboot”, Y all users and Y to install the necessary drivers.

Then Allow to install the Google device driver.


Navigate to SDK Folder (( C:\adb )) and open Command Prompt
(Shift + Right-click anywhere in the folder > Open Command Prompt Here).

Type this command and hit enter.


adb devices


You should now see your device listed .

Type the following commands exactly as shown, pressing the ENTER key after each one:


adb shell sm list-disks

adb shell sm list-volumes all

adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true

adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private

adb shell sm set-force-adoptable false

adb shell sm list-volumes all


NOTE: the fourth command partitions your SD card, and may take 2-3 minutes (or longer) to complete, depending on the size of your card. plus make sure you have a reliable and fast SD Card.

Disconnect your phone from the USB cable and reboot it. The reboot is crucial. Your phone may (or may not) take a bit longer to boot this time.

Once your phone is fully booted, tap Settings > Developer Options and disable USB Debugging, clicking “OK” to any messages that may appear.

Go to Settings > Storage & USB and tap your SD card. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and choose “Migrate data”:



<p>It work transferring apps. But the SD card is gone for transferring regular files like music picture video etc.</p><p>I'm using LG Stylo 2 Dual Sim. any fix for this? and anyone know how to root this?</p>
<p>Thanks for the instructions, it works perfect, but sometimes, every 2 ot 3 days my se card starts to work in read only mode. I restart the phone and all work nice for 2 or 3 days.</p><p>Have someone the same problem?</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Phone lg k8</p>
<p>Hi Can you help with step by step instructions of how i do this on lg k8?</p>
<p>Will it work all LG phones ? I have LG K8 and would like to try this but I wantedto check first hat do you think :)</p>
<p>Finally got it to work on the K8 - installed the 32bit C++ files (already had the 64bit installed) and then went through the process a couple of times, before it finally worked out with a 32GB card.</p>
<p>hi please can you give me the step by step instructions to get this working on my K8. I am a novice. What do I need to download? and what do I need to do? Much appreciated. </p>
<p>Exactly where did you get the C++ library and which one? can you possibly share a link?</p>
<p>HOW did you do it??? pls help me</p>
<p>Followed the instructions to a T with my LG K8 and no joy.</p><p>Wondering if it's the SD card that's causing the problem - will try another card and report back!</p>
<p>Great!! I followed your instructions and everything its working!! Thanks a lot</p>
When I try to download the sdk file it says invalid format. Does anyone know why?
<p>I followed your instructions, but at this moment I lost data from my external SD card, so I am trying to rescue them first. but during procedure, I received JAVA error message, so I think that it wouldnt work for me. I will try another computer anyway. BTW I have LG H440N android 6.0 + Windows 7 PC</p>
<p>Followed the instructions and work perfectly fine now!</p><p>Faced 2 obstacles:</p><p>1) &quot;adb devices&quot; wouldn't find my device. after hours,<a href="https://androidmtk.com/install-google-adb-driver-manually" rel="nofollow"> this page</a> helped.</p><p>2) I was getting an error running &quot;adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private&quot;. Make sure to replace the disk value returned from &quot;adb shell sm list-disks&quot; with &quot;179,64&quot;. In my case my disk was 179,128.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>I just followed the instructions above and it worked. I am so happy I was stressing so hard about the space on my phone. Had I known that you couldn't store apps on the sd card I wouldn't have bought this phone, but it was such luck that I found this web-site with these instructions. These where the easiest by far to follow. Who ever put these instructions up is such a life saver. Thanks a bunch.</p>
<p>please help me to fix this issue</p>
<p>Hi! Happy to help First I would just follow through with the commands to see what the results are or just go through the steps again. Make sure in the process of doing this you look at your phone to see if it is asking your permission to tak an action.</p><p>1.First<br>make sure that you Enable USB debugging on your smart phone go to <strong>SETTINGS select DEVELOPER OPTIONS and check on USB Debugging Then make sure you use a usb cord and plug<br>your phone into the computers usb outlet</strong></p><p>2. Take this link and download it on your computer<br>►►<a href="https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1nan93XP24OQ241R3gxWjNxUE0" rel="nofollow">https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1nan93XP24OQ241...</a></p><p>3.Then<br>you install it on your computer like you would any software or application choose &ldquo;Run as Administrator&rdquo;.</p><p>4.For<br>every question it ask you type <strong>Y</strong> so you do this for number 5 below because this<br>is what it will ask you, and again you just type Y</p><p><strong>5.</strong><strong>Press<br>Y to &ldquo;install ADB and Fastboot&rdquo;, Y all users and Y to install the necessary<br>drivers.</strong></p><p><strong>6.</strong><strong>Then Allow to install the Google device<br>driver.</strong></p><p>7.Once<br>it downloads you right click on computer then click on open then you double<br>click on C the picture below</p><p></p><p>8.Then<br>you look for the file adb</p><p>9.Double<br>click on that file when it opens you need to open a command prompt here, you do<br>this by pushing Shift +<br>Right-click anywhere in the folder &gt; Open Command Prompt Here).</p><p>OPEN COMMAND PROMPT on your PCIt will look like this </p><p>For this part I just copied the commands one by one and entered<br>them by right clicking and selecting paste. Now one important thing before you<br>start entering the commands is make sure your phone isn&rsquo;t requiring you to<br>select an option so when you put in the first command if it returns a response<br>as unauthorized look at your phone, but if it does not then that means<br>everything should be working fine.</p><p>Type this command and hit enter.</p><p>-----------------------------------------------</p><p>adb devices</p><p>-----------------------------------------------</p><p>You should now see your<br>device listed .</p><p>Type the following commands<br>exactly as shown, pressing the ENTER key after each one:</p><p>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p>adb shell sm list-disks</p><p>adb shell sm list-volumes<br>all</p><p>adb shell sm<br>set-force-adoptable true</p><p>adb shell sm partition<br>disk:179,64 private</p><p>adb shell sm<br>set-force-adoptable false</p><p>adb shell sm list-volumes<br>all</p><p>hope this helps.</p>
<p>why it is not working can Anyone help me.Please!</p>
<p>Hello,</p><p>Does this format or delete the files off my sdcard when it repartitions it?</p>
<p>Worked perfectly on my AT&amp;T LG G5! Thank you!</p>
I'm getting a java error on the 4th command... anyone else have that problem or know what I need to do to get around it? <br><br>Error: java.lang.IllegalstateException; command '1105 volume partition disk; 179,64 private' failed with '400 1105 command failed'
<p>Ok... I got all the way to #4 then I'm having the same issue as others... can anyone share the link to the correct C++ library I need... PLEASE and THANK YOU!!</p>
<p>Works on my LGK8 !!! BUT, Even if you intall big apps on the SD card as internal, some files stay on the internal storage, once the internal memory full (8Gb), he won't let me instal more apps, he tells me to make more storage room... anyone else has this problem??</p>
<p>Many thanks for the helpful and clear instruction. But since I did the change, I have a problem with updating my apps, which are moved to sd card. When I download a newer version of an app, and want to install it, after a few seconds, I see an error message, but when I move the app to internal storage, the installation process works properly. Have you any idea to solve the problem?</p>
<p>I have a LG K8, after running the third command i get an error,(java.lang IllegalArgumentException) if i continue i also get an error at the fourth step(java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: command '20 volume partition disk:179,4 private' failed with '500 20 unknown disk') what is going wrong ? i tried with two differtent SD cards.</p>
<p>I am stuck. I have the Metro Stylo 2 Plus (LGMS550). I installed the attached ADB tool and enabled debugging on phone. When i install the necessary drivers, google apk and navigate to folder C:/adb and enter the command line there, I can't get passed the: adb shell sm disk-lisks step. It says error: device '&lt;null&gt;' not found. What am I doing wrong, please help as i need to move files to sd (im starting to regret this phone)</p>
<p>Hi! Let me preface this by saying this is very new to me (I just really need more space on my phone), so I'm sorry if this is a silly question.</p><p>So I seem to have everything working correctly up until writing the prompts. When I get to &quot;adb shell sm list-disks&quot; I get &quot;/system/bin/sh: sm: not found&quot; so I tried typing in just &quot;adb shell&quot; and I get &quot;127shell@g4stylus:/ $&quot; but anything involving &quot;sm&quot; after that gets the same message. I tried downloading both the newest versions of the C++ library and the Google's Android SDK and restarting both my phone and computer, but it didn't change anything. What am I doing wrong here?</p><p>Thanks in advance!</p>
<p>I have win 7 64 bit there are so many c++ library downloads at microsoft I don't know which one to download and there's X64 and X86 you got 2008 simple library, 2008 sp1 and the list goes on which one do I need to download </p>
<p>sm: not found</p>
<p>Wonderful - THANKS!</p><p>Worked on my LG Stylo 2 Plus, running 6.01.</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Terry</p>
<p>Thanks so much for this post, it looks awesome,<br>but I am having trouble. (Due undoubtedly to my newness at stuff like<br>this) I think my problem is that I am not where to find the SDK folder.<br> I don't see a C:\adb folder. So I downloaded and installed the full<br>Google Android SDK people have mentioned below. I still don't see a<br>C:\adb folder or an SDK folder at C:\Program<br>Files\Android.(An adroid studio folder is there but no SDK folder in their<br>either.) I do an SDK folder at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Android<br>but when I open command prompt in there and try to run the adb devices command it says &quot;adb is not<br>recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch<br>file.&quot; So I tried to reinstall the SDK file listed above in your<br>article but when when I enter Y for &quot;Install ADB system-wide&quot; I get<br>&quot;access is denied&quot;. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks<br>so much!</p>
<p>I have the lg stylo 2 plus and I dont see any developer options in options is there anything else it could be in </p>
<p>you need to go to options / about pone / software info.</p><p>click a couple of times on software info, the will allow you the developer options.</p>
<p>Work on LG Stylus 2 Plus LG-K530F</p><p>thanks a lot...</p><p>Funciona en el </p>
<p>Excuse me but It didn't work for me! It did appear a error in one of the steps! Is there anything I am doing wrong? ;; </p>
<p>Oh nevermind, it worked now!! Sorry and thanks! &lt;3</p>
<p>what did you do?</p>
<p>Yeah, just like I posted to another above, with Win 7 sometimes you have to go to Microsoft's website, get the C++ library update file &amp; install for ADB commands.......</p>
<p>Thank you for this instructable. I followed the instructions and believed this worked because immediately after I rebooted all updates started and successfully downloaded whereas before I had no room left. My question is, I have many apps which are still saved on to the internal memory and cannot be moved (I have AppMgrIII). Is there a way to move them after doing all of this without rooting phone? I do not have many apps on my phone but the ones that are saved to the phone memory are all large files (ie google, spotify, etc).</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>follow my instructions above &amp; &quot;migrate data&quot; or your really not using full adoptable storage........... js smh</p>
<p>I may have just answered my own question. When I went in to the AppMgrIII app, clicked on the apps which were not movable/phone only, went to app info and then manually changed it to SD card it moved it from phone memory to sd. Thank you so much!!! I was ready to throw this phone out the window for insufficient storage! </p>
<p>i got timeout error I got Lg Stylo 2 Plus Metro Pcs 6.0.1 and I rebooted and I got the option to migrate data as described and it seems to be transfering over however I noticed the first time I did it I could not gain access to my sd card via usb so I had to choose use a portable storage which wypes the card again and it sets it back to default . I got a lot files so I need to be able to get at my sd card via windows anyone else able to move pictures and files with usb after doing this &gt;</p>
<p>sm partition disk:179,64 private (replace with mixed what number you want to be external, ie: mixed 80 will leave 80% of card as external, 20% external)</p><p>makes the sdcard have internal use &amp; portable use which makes the computer discover it like normal</p>
<p>I had no trouble Tmobile LG Stylo 2 Plus 6.0.1</p>
<p>I keep timing out on the &quot;adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private&quot; command does anyone have any ideas? I am doing on on an LG K8 and keep getting the below error message. </p><p>Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Thread Binder_7 gave up waiting for partitionPrivate after 180000ms</p>
<p>You have to install the C++ libraries (downloadable from Microsoft) in 32 bit even if your running 64 bit OS...........</p>
<p>Yep, even after doing all the settings, ie... developer options, yadda yadda, once connected to the computer, pull your drop down notifications and you see the usb notification, clicking on this will bring up a multiple choice list and it will be for charging only. You have to set it to file transfer!</p>
<p>adb shell</p><p>sm set-force-adoptable true<br></p><p>sm partition disk:179,64 private (mixed 50 instead of private gets 50/50 on card)<br></p><p>sm set-force-adoptable false<br></p><p>sm list-volumes all<br></p><p>Before doing these commands, go ahead and let the device format the sd card your going to use or it will during the commands above and restart your phone.</p><p>If you get a greyed out sd card listing, click on it and it will give you the option to &quot;forget&quot; it.</p><p>After your have done above commands, rebooted. Under storage it will show you your internal, and external card, more if you have mixed use of it. The three dot menu, top right, should give you the option of formatting to portable storage if you were successful. Also going under apps, choosing an installed app, the storage listing under it when clicked on will give you the option of internal/external.</p>
<p>This definitely worked. I was able to move over the apps to my sd card. Why did they get rid of the sd card naming and creating it as a portable? This didn't make sense for Marshmallow and LG to team up for this update. ugh!</p>
<p>I don't know, the responses I have read to this have been the usual bs....</p><p>&quot;A person will not be satisfied with computer not recognizing sdcard&quot; (if entire card is formatted to internal)</p><p>And if sdcard ever fails this will leave a person without their files.....</p><p>Gee that is the scenario for anyone who does not backup their device!</p><p>I'm in it with LG right now about the bootloader not being accessible after ZV4, ZV5, &amp; ZV6 updates. The phone is not recognized by the computer even if adb recognizes it after you boot into either &quot;android recovery&quot; or download mode (firmware upgrade). Trying ADB reboot bootloader, or reboot bootloader from android recovery just accomplishes booting the phone to its desktop.</p><p>The 'kdz' &amp; .dll files required for LGUP are also not available with BOOST/Sprint variant.</p><p>If you purchase a $400 or up LG phone, everything is laid out like a buffet to download, also the LGLS775 does have the kdz, .dll for LGUP with T-Mobile, AT&amp;T, Cricket, Metro.......... go figure</p>
<p>More complete set of instructions for adoptable storage:</p><p>Adoptable Storage in MM:</p><p>adb shell</p><p>sm list-disks</p><p>sm list-volumes all</p><p>sm set-force-adoptable true</p><p>sm partition disk:179,64 private (replace with mixed what number you want to be external, ie: mixed 80 will leave 80% of card as external, 20% external)</p><p>sm set-force-adoptable false</p><p>sm list-volumes all</p><p>NOTE: the fourth command partitions your SD card, and may take 2-3 minutes (or longer) to complete, depending on the size of your card. plus make sure you have a reliable and fast SD Card.</p><p>Disconnect your phone from the USB cable and reboot it. The reboot is crucial. Your phone may (or may not) take a bit longer to boot this time.</p><p>Once your phone is fully booted, tap Settings &gt; Developer Options and disable USB Debugging, clicking &ldquo;OK&rdquo; to any messages that may appear.</p><p>Go to Settings &gt; Storage &amp; USB and tap your SD card. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and choose &ldquo;Migrate data&rdquo;.</p>

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