LG G4 Bootloop Fix | How I Unbricked It.





Introduction: LG G4 Bootloop Fix | How I Unbricked It.

  1. First, remove all the screws holding the plastic covering.
  2. There are 11 screws in total.
  3. See step by step video below

LG G4 Bootloop Fix

Step 1: Use Soft Plastic Tool

Next, use a soft plastic tool to pry open the G4.

These tools allow you to open without scratching or damaging the device's edges

Step 2: Remove All Connectors

Next, disconnect all connectors.

There are 3:

  1. USB Port
  2. Rear Camera
  3. Front Camera

Step 3: Remove the Board

Remove the entire circuit board from the plastic casing.

This is quite easy after you have disconnected all the connectors.

Just use the same plastic tool to first lift an edge.

Then remove the heat shield.

Step 4: Apply Heat to the Chipset

Finally, use a blow dryer/hair dryer to apply heat to the processor for approximately 10 minutes.

After this, put your G4 back together and test.

If after trying this your G4 still remains bricked, not to worry, just repeat the process. It took me a few trials.

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    Mr. James, you are my hero of the day :)

    I followed your instructions exactly. However, instead of a blow dryer I placed my iron over the motherboard (cotton fabric covering of course) for several minutes. Put everything back together ..and voila!... my LG4 works. I'm downloading all my photos to the cloud right now while the phone still functions. Big lesson learned for me regarding regular back-ups.

    Thank you again for your helpful video. I'll be purchasing a different phone this week..obviously not another LG.

    heating a chip to solve bootloop ? :/
    You can simply fix it from fast boot or recovery

    Trust me, we tried all that and it didn't work. Was astonished to find out heating with a blow dryer aided in it operating once again.

    Hi RecarroJames,
    One little question please! Was I correct in seeing you pressing down the chipset during and after the heating on your YouTube video so it makes better contact? Thank you!

    Is the solution temporary of permanent, did it have the same issue again?

    hony when it got bootloop you cant have fast boot or recovery by the way most lg va the bootloader is locked so you cant ane recovery and its true with heating chip is again performs well/

    Hi, if I remember correctly, many LG g4 had this problem due to some bad soldering contact, so it's a hardware fault :s

    I forgot to say that I first tried the freezer trick for 2 hours in a little sealed plastic bag.It didn't work for me.

    I got a LG G4 too that stopped working 2 days ago. I bought it brand new 2 years ago. I first tried to put the motherboard inside my oven at 200 F for 5 minutes as proposed by some of you. It didn't work. Then I tried at 250 F for 6 minutes thinking I had nothing to lose. And it worked! Hopefully it'll last!

    I wasted 3 hours trying various things on my LG4 as suggested on the web but nothing worked. Luckily I didn't go for the hard reset option. Then I removed the battery, pressed the "on" button for 60 seconds, reinserted the battery and placed the whole darn thing into the freezer (in a plastic bag) overnight. When I took it out the next morning it started up without a hitch and it has been working well since. Keeping my fingers crossed...