Picture of LG Optimus Logic
This is a prepaid phone sold at Walgreens. It's unbelievingly easy to take apart. Also, please comment if you like anything about this. It could be the humor, the pretty pictures (eh), the degree of helpfulness, or anything. You can even tell me why you hate it. I don't care. Just comment.
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Step 1: Basic Stuff

Picture of Basic Stuff
All you need is a screwdriver (Philips) that is small enough to take out the screws.

Step 2: Battery Cover

Picture of Battery Cover
Look at the top of the device and pull the back part away from the rest. It snaps on, so it may sound like you're breaking it. You're not.

Step 3: Gubbins

Picture of Gubbins
13, 9:47 AM.jpg
Time to take things out, mainly the battery, SIM card, and microSD card.

Step 4: Back Plate Pt. 1

Picture of Back Plate Pt. 1
Now take out the six (6) screws. I've circled where they are. There is no need to lay them out so you remember where they went, these are literally the only screws you'll see, and they're all the same size.

Step 5: Back Plate Pt. 2

Picture of Back Plate Pt. 2
13, 9:47 AM.jpg
Now it's time to take that pesky back part off. I don't think that the ridges on the top are meant for this, but they're a good way to start to pull the cover off the phone. Once again, this just snaps on. The very bottom is more difficult to take off, but just keep pulling. *NOTE* When pulling the bottom part off, you may feel like you broke it. You didn't.

Step 6: Gadgety Stuff

Picture of Gadgety Stuff
Now it's time to remove the gut of the phone. Yes, I know I didn't say "guts of the phone", but that would imply that there was more than one piece.

Step 7: Gut Removal

Picture of Gut Removal
13, 9:47 AM.jpg
Look at the two things I've circled. Carefully use your finger to pull them up out of their connectors. They're attached kind of like snaps. You don't necessarily have to disconnect the top one, as it usually undoes itself when you take the board out. Take the board out by unfolding it like a book.
jasonZak (author) 2 years ago
This is my first Instructable, so please tell me what you think. I've tried to add a bit of humor (or "humour" if you're British) to the mix to keep things from getting boring. Thanks!